People with The Gate 7 of Self Roles are endowed with potential and passion for leadership. They lead to a better future by their example. It is important for them to be recognized in this role, chosen, invited to the leadership.

Gate 7 Self Roles human design

The gate of leadership symbolizes the power behind the throne. Without gate 31, gate 7 has no power for public influence, although it is the very essence of leadership. Depending on the goal line, their leadership style can be different: 1 – Dictator; 2 – Democrat; 3 – Anarchist; 4 – Infectious; 5. – General; 6. – Administrator.

These people, through leadership, destroy outdated values ​​and lead to new, relevant ones. They sense where the order in society is violated, and authoritatively organize the collective, in which everyone has their own role and responsibility.

Without 31 gates, such leaders rarely make themselves known publicly, although they play the role of a leader. They can’t get away from her. They are born to serve society. It is the 31st gate that gives them voice and influence. In the whole channel 31-7, the influence strength can be higher. They are beginning to be heard as leaders.

Their leadership brings a sense of order, as if everything is in place. The Leadership Gate leads us into the future and shows us the way. To do this, they use the most proven templates, approaches and solutions you can rely on.

With no 31 Gate, they rule the community like gray cardinals, standing behind the throne.

They feel how to lead society to a bright future, and they have the necessary authority to do so.

The gift of leadership 7 gates to serve, govern, organize, direct. Society notices this talent in them and invites them to take leadership into their own hands. Their leadership style can be different: from democracy to dictatorship.

The Gate 7 of Self Roles on the Map

The Gate 7 of Self Roles is located in G Center which is responsible for love and destiny. You can read about G Center here.

The Gate 7 and the Gate 31 form Channel 7-31 Alpha Channel. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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