People with the Gate 61 of Mystery are pressured by thoughts to learn the unknown, the hidden, to unravel the mystery of Life.

The Gate of Inner Truth can mutate a community with its desire to unravel the mystery of life. They ask strange questions that others don’t even think of. Some of their thoughts can have a decisive impact on the lives of others. Inspiration from Gate 61 can be experienced as a spark of awareness or a moment of “satori”. They inspire others when they express their vision clearly, with the right people and at the right time. The Gate of Inner Truth constantly “stir” the thoughts of the Gate 24. It is at the Gate 24 that strange questions become answers and a new concept that can be expressed. Gate of “Truth” in themselves love riddles, secrets, without the need to solve them.

These people are great thinkers, inspirers and contemplators of Being, who explore the unknown, the unknown, always not for themselves personally. It is important for them to accept that some topics of life are unknowable. Learning to let go of attempts to rationalize and manage the flow of mental inspiration is valuable. It unfolds without their participation, and is not under their control. Their stream of awareness goes beyond their body and can be indifferent to the body. When they are led by the flow of thoughts and ignore the needs of the body, they can experience a deep melancholy about their own lives.

Gate 61 Mystery Human Design

They want to know the unknowable. They ask: “How does life work and why is it so?” Seek answers out of interest. They want to “know”, but not with the help of logic, but directly. They want to know the whole picture.

To reveal the fundamental universal principles and the mystery of life. They can be deeply inspirational or misleading. They hear and know the Truth in silence and silence.

These people are under high pressure from their thoughts. They want to know the unknowable. They love everything mysterious and secret without the need to find practical application for their revelations. They strive to know the absolute, to know the Truth.

The Gate 61 of Mystery on the Map

The Gate 61 of Mystery is located in Crown Center which is responsible for mental pressure. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 61 and the Gate 24 form Channel 24-61 Mindfulness. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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