People with the Gate 60 of Acceptance have the potential to transform the way things are. They bring innovation and knowledge to the world that mutate the community.

Wisdom is revealed to people with the Gate 60 when they accept their disabilities and work with what is. The accepted restrictions as a result lead to irreversible transformations and mutate society. They can bring something completely new into the world that did not exist before. This requires a strong and sustained impulse, which is created by the 60th gate. The energy of the Gate 60 can be compared to the jerks of a car pulling away. The value of what these people are working on is not always clear to others. People with the Gate 60 give impetus to the new.

The Gate of Chaos expresses knowledge that can be vital to the Whole. Such people feel the pulse of life and change the world when life demands it.

Such people from birth carry the frequency of mutation and change. The energy of the Gate 60 manifests itself in the pulse mode – it turns on and off from time to time. The mutation in them matures through the work they are working on. They want change, but change doesn’t come from just thinking about it. They ripen like the fruit of a baby. And the very moment of the birth of something new for them is unpredictable. It remains only to accept these restrictions, that each mutation has its own time. They do not know when this moment will come, and what exactly it will bring. While waiting for the mutation, they feel deeply melancholy. The distrust of life can bring them a sense of chaos and loss.

Gate 60 Acceptance Human Design

The irony is that it is in melancholy, in letting go of any expectations, that mutation occurs. Mutation is like a butterfly trapped in a pupa. It happens exactly when the world is ready for it.

Without Gate 3, people in their 60s may feel like life is holding them back. Surrendering to lack of choice, they accept melancholy as a blessing and give birth to a new structure out of chaos. As a result of such a mutation, something can be born for which there is not even a name yet.

People with Gate 60 have the potential to bring innovation to the world in the field in which they work. Something completely new, for which there is no name yet. The energy of the Gate 60 works in the pulse: turns on and off. Such people mutate our world. The challenge for Gate 60 is to accept its own limitations and not knowing when the next evolutionary shift will occur. The challenge for the 60s gate is to wait for this moment, not knowing when it will come and what it will bring. Melancholy is a common condition for such people. People with Gate 60 decide for themselves how to treat them.

The Gate 60 of Acceptance on the Map

The Gate 60 of Acceptance is located in Root Center which is responsible for life adrenaline and pressure to do something. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 60 and the Gate 3 form Channel 3-60 Mutation. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

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