People with The Gate 6 of Friction are created to distinguish between sexuality and feelings, to be aware of emotionally and sexually.

These people are learning how to curb their emotions. They are like border guards, on whose decision it depends – whether they let you get closer or not, they are open for communication, intimacy, work or not.
Near people with the Gate 59, they can quickly remove their defenses and open up to deep intimacy, work, or the desire to have offspring. The haste in matters of rapprochement plays a cruel joke. Relationships and partnerships are a topic to digest properly. Enough time must pass before it becomes clear whether this is our relationship or not.

Gate 6 Friction Human Design

This Gate carry the energy of sexual reproduction and fertility in general. They feel whether something real will be born in this relationship or not. The energy of the 6 Gate determines who is in the inner circle of communication and who is outside it.

The wisdom of this gate is to know that growth does not exist without friction, that conflicts bring us closer, eliminate innuendo, make us closer. In our body, they are responsible for the pH balance. Such people set the boundaries of intimacy in a broad sense – with whom rapprochement is possible, and with whom not. The intimacy of Gate 6 is governed by an emotional cycle with periods of hope and pain.

The Harmonious 59 Gateway of sexuality carries the energy to break down barriers to intimacy, arousal and reproduction.

These people learn to manage overwhelming emotions and not cut it hot. To some they open, others are kept behind the Gate.

The Gate 6 law states: Growth doesn’t happen without friction. This Gate carry the energy of sexual reproduction, they decide whether something real is born in a partnership or not. They control who has access to the inner circle of friends of “their own” and who does not.

The Gate 6 of Friction on the Map

Gate 6 Friction is located in Solar Plexus Center which is responsible for emotions and feelings. You can read about Solar Plexus Center here.

Gate 6 and Gate 59 form Channel 6-59 Intimacy. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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