People with the Gate 57 of Intuitive Insight guarantee their survival, health and material well-being by trusting the prompts of their own intuition.

The Gate of Intuitive Insight is anatomically associated with the right ear. With their right ear, they hear what is happening in the present moment, in the “now”. The Gate of Insight is the source of awareness for all mammals and our keenest intuition that guides us towards survival, wellness and well-being. Such a person is subtly attuned to any sounds or vibrations. He loves silence. Information about the danger comes to him acoustically. It is from this gate that we can hear our immune system.

It is also the gateway to the fear of the unknown or death. They are looking for the strength and power of the Gate 34 to ensure their survival, safety, comfort and confidence in the future. Mindfulness of Gate 57 alone may not be enough. Without Gate 34, they may not have the strength to withstand danger and respond optimally to it. Such a person does not like to fall under someone else’s influence or dependence. Their hearing is highly selective. When they are focused on the present, the fear of the unknown does not bother them. They react in advance and creatively to any impending danger.

They anticipate the present and take advantage of it. Knowledge comes to them in the moment as a flash of awareness. They are able to cognize reality directly, bypassing thoughts.

People with the Gate 57 have the potential to have extraordinary power of intuition. They know how to penetrate into the very heart of the moment “now”. Transform mistakes into new, successful behavior. Their fear of the unknown is realized as an illusion when they are alert to what is happening in the moment.

People with the Gate 57 have an extraordinary power of clarity. Intuits anticipate the future and guarantee their survival, well-being and health. Intuition can enhance not only them, but also the environment. Such people are clairaudient. They are finely tuned to the sounds and vibrations of the surrounding space and react in a timely manner to what is happening if they trust their forebodings. They are not created to follow the lead of others and rely on the clues of their intuition. Their fear of the future dissolves like an illusion when they hear their intuition.

The Gate 57 of Intuitive Insight on the Map

The Gate 57 of Intuitive Insight is located in Splenic Center which is responsible for health and intuition. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 53 and Gate 42 form Channel 42-53 Ripening. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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