Deeply melancholic, musical and romantic people with the Gate 55 of Spirit who are driven by the desire for abundance in the spiritual or material. It is important for them to learn to respect the changeability of their moods and the intensity of their feelings. They deeply feel emotions and influence them on other people.

The Gate of Spirit constantly goes through emotional ups and downs, frequent mood swings. They are looking for the perfect emotional state. Peace, love or ecstasy. They need the right 39 gate provocation to experience the desired emotions and feelings. If their spirits are up, they feel at home, their Spirit is full. Below the Spirit is as if empty, they are in melancholy, a creative pause. Their mood bowl is always half full or half empty.

It is important for them to let go of attempts to rationalize and control their mood. They should learn not to look for reasons, justifications for their increased emotionality. When they give themselves time to experience their strongest emotions, they gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the situation and what decision to make.

The Gate of Spirit is an emotional energy that seeks abundance and is able to strengthen the desire for it in other people. They are looking for spiritual abundance or material wealth.

Abundance is solely a matter of a filled Spirit. The spirit expands the possibilities to their maximum potential. But for this it is important to accept your limitations in the form of constant emotional swing, bumping back and forth. They are pumped from hope to pain, and vice versa. All this affects the state of their Spirit. It is important for them to learn to wait for a state of inner fulfillment. It is this that attracts into their life the opportunity to find abundance.

The Gate of Spirit goes through emotional ups and downs. People with active Gate 55 want to feel heaven and don’t want to go through hell. It is important for them to accept both sides as a natural part of themselves, not to avoid them. The path to a strong Spirit lies through the acceptance of inner emptiness.

Through the provocation of the Gate 39, Spirit knows what it feels like. The gate of “Provocation” fixes the states of the 55s and allows you to get to know them more deeply.

The Gate of Spirit is deeply acoustic. Such people are sensitive to what others are saying, to their tone of voice. They are fickle and take a sensual interest in what others are missing. A person with Gate 55 cannot be wrong in what he feels. It is important to learn not to doubt your feelings and not to take them personally. The change of states helps to see and feel life deeper than others.

Gate 55 Spirit Human Design

The abundance in the life of such people depends on the strength and fullness of their Spirit. From the ability to cope with your changeable and intense emotions. They are melancholic, musical, romantic. It is important for them to respect their moods, not to try to rationalize and control them. They don’t need to look for the reasons for their emotional chemistry. Through a change of mood, they have a clear vision of the situation or the upcoming decision. They live in an eternal change of states from hope to pain. And it is important to understand that heightened emotionality for them is the norm, the source of their subtle sensitivity and the power of the Spirit.

The Gate 55 of Spirit on the Map

Gate 55 Spirit is located in Solar Plexus Center which is responsible for our emotions and feelings. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 55 and Gate 39 together form Channel 39-55 Emoting. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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