People with the Gate 53 of Beginning are under constant pressure to start new, regardless of the changes that new beginnings may bring.

People with the Gate 53 of Beginnings have great potential for mutation. From time to time, they give impetus to the beginning of a new business or process and thus bring changes to the world.

People with the Gate 53 can provide a powerful starting boost and maximize what they perceive as potential. There may be many beginnings in their life, and not necessarily all of them they will finish. But closing and realizing the potential is necessary before taking the next step. This is their path of growth and gaining wisdom – not only to start, but also to finish the correctly started things, to bring them to an important point. Otherwise, they will start similar things over and over again – business, projects or relationships. It is valuable to learn from the past and not return to them.

Otherwise, when starting new, they feel trapped, stressed and tired, stuck in the same problem or situation.

Gate 53 Beginning Human Design

If they start something in accordance with their Design, their inner truth, they may not have to finish what they started. Without Gate 42, they can give a business or a person a primary impulse and switch to something else. They can safely leave the book unfinished, the food half-eaten. Psychologically, it is important for them to put a symbolic point if the business they have begun is not finished and there is no energy for it.

Without Gate 42, their projects may remain incomplete, be picked up by others, or they may take on functions and tasks that they shouldn’t.

A man with the Gate 53 is a startup in spirit. He gives a powerful impetus to a new undertaking, which responds to him internally. He maximizes the ultimate potential of the business, project or relationship he starts with his ability to accelerate the process. He helps the business gain momentum, start, gain a foothold in the world. Without Gate 42, they are not faced with the task of completing every business they start, but they gain the main growth and wisdom through completed processes and deeds. They collect the “harvest” when the fruits are ripe, and this takes time.

The Gate 53 of Beginning on the Map

The Gate 53 of Beginning is located in Root Center which is responsible for life adrenaline and pressure to do something. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 53 and Gate 42 form Channel 42-53 Ripening. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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