People with the Gate 51 of Shock temper and awaken their Spirit when they manifest themselves boldly and recklessly. So they awaken in others their uniqueness, become the best or the first in their business.

The name of the gate speaks for itself. People with this energy come up with shocking statements or actions. It can be subtle and subtle, or loud, intimidating and dramatic. The energy of the 51st gate shocks other people to find their connection with the Divine, with the power of their Spirit.

It is the shaman’s Gate, initiating and awakening. They are not connected with the community, always a little on the sidelines, beyond. They are gifted with the energy of competition and competition. Such people can be risky or fearless. They move where others did not go, and this is shocking. The shaman seeks directions at the 25th gate. The direction towards unconditional love guides them and helps them to transcend their own limits.

Gate 51 Shock Human Design

People with the Gate 51 appear unpredictable and fearless. They can powerfully strengthen others, push them beyond the narrow world to a broader vision.

They are talented in adapting to the most shocking life situations. Boldly go into their fears, defy death itself. They would rather die than live in fear.

Such people are talented in adapting to disorder and shock. Test themselves and look for what they can be the best or the first at. They have an energy of competition, which manifests itself as riskiness and fearlessness. They are shocking, choosing paths and activities in life that no one has gone through or done before. Through shock, they push other people out of their narrow world to a broader vision and unconditional acceptance of individuality in themselves and others.

The Gate 51 of Shock on the Map

The Gate 51 of Shock is located in Heart Center which is responsible for will power. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 51 and the Gate 25 together form Channel 25-51 Initiation. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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