People with the Gate 48 of Depths may not notice their wisdom until others pay attention to it. They are recognized for a deep perception of people and life, for an understanding of the root causes.

Such people can find a solution to any problem. People with 48 are a source of natural wisdom. They are waiting for the right moment to share it. Without Gate 16, Gate 48 have no fixed way to share their depth, it is understandable to manifest it in life. Therefore, this gate is also called the gate of inadequacy.

The fear of this Gate is that their wisdom will not be able to manifest when the need arises. They are afraid that they will not master the necessary skills to express their depth in the best way. It is great for these people to expect outside inquiry and recognition of their depth. This way they can express it clearly and effectively.

Such people are able to see the logic of life much deeper than others. The paradox is that the most adequate people can most of all fear inadequacy. Since few people see what is available to them. They strive to deeply understand everything they undertake. They want to achieve the best possible understanding of the case they are working on.

Gate 48 Depths Human Design

Depth is achieved by focusing on patterns and techniques. Then these templates can be improved. The technique of performance with their help can achieve perfection. The “Depths” gate is part of the channel of Talent, and it brings a vision of what exactly needs to be experimented with in order for talent to be recognized and serve collective progress. It is important for such people to share their depth with others, even if they themselves consider it trivial and insignificant. Others do not see this either.

Such people are endowed with natural wisdom and a deep understanding of the nature of other people. They themselves rarely see her, until others pay attention to her. People with 48 are a well of wisdom, from which others draw techniques on how to approach or achieve this wisdom. They fear that the depth of their understanding will not emerge when the need arises, that they will not have the skill to manifest it. They read the root cause of what is happening.

The Gate 48 of Depths on the Map

The Gate 48 Depths is located in Splenic Center which is responsible for will power. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 48 and The Gate 16 together form Channel 48-16 Waves of Manifestation. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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