People with the Gate 46 of Self Determination are the favorites of fortune, when they let go of any expectations – as everything should be, and keep the body healthy. There comes a point when it is the body that helps them succeed where others fail.

The Gate of love to your body or the bodies of others. Love manifests itself in the desire to touch the body, to admire and enjoy it. This is possible when the body is in optimal shape and at peak performance. Love is not felt when there is a feeling that the body is out of shape.

Gate 46 Self Determination Human Design

The Gate of Determination is about love for a new experience, an adventure, while it does not matter whether it is pleasant or not. Any experience for such people is correct. Each experience brings them wisdom and affects the success of future results in life. Success to such people always comes unexpectedly and is the result of a demonstrated determination to go through it to the end in spite of everything. Their gift is to hear the prompts from their body as to which direction to move on. Each step of such a person ideally comes from love for his body. Moreover, even challenges and trials can bring a thrill, as if you are climbing a mountain or launching a new project, and through this your body takes on its ideal shape. Feelings that arise with new experiences should not be avoided. A new beginning always promises certain difficulties. The body of such people is like a garden that needs care. Their responses to new opportunities in life can guide them through life in the most enjoyable and healthy way.

The Gate of Determination know when to act, but they may not have the strength to sustain the process for a long time. Gate 29 helps them in this. If the 29th gate said “YES” to some case, their charge is enough for years.

From the outside, the success of such people is perceived as a happy coincidence, but it follows from dedication and hard work. The gate of Love to the physical body, to the flesh as such. The body of such people is their garden, which is important to maintain in health and beauty. Failure or success are equally the building blocks of future victories. When such a person feels himself in his body, hears his signals, his chances of success increase significantly.

The Gate 46 of Self Determination on the Map

The Gate 46 of Self Determination is located in J Center which is responsible for love and life destination. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 46 and the Gate 29 together form Channel 29-46 Discovery. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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