People with Gate 41 Compression never stop wanting new feelings. Their dreams come true when they focus only on them and cut out the rest.

The gates of the “Dream” are moving decisively to meet their desire, then they retreat. In retreat, they prepare for the next action.

Their gift is to limit themselves in resources and fantasies, and through this strengthen their main dream and not dissipate into everything else. The “Dream” gate in Human Design is associated with a start initiation codon. They are the fuel to make your dreams come true. They recognize those feelings and sensations that will help direct energy in the right direction and not spill it left and right. Clarity – where to direct your drive – comes with time, when all superficial fantasies fade into the background, and the most burning desire remains in the foreground, which you want to start. Patience, waiting helps them to separate the wheat from the chaff.

People with the gates of “Fantasy” indulge in dreams of new experiences and feelings that they are hypothetically capable of experiencing. Such people are looking for new experiences. Looking for new sensory experiences, excitement or lust.

Gate 41 Compression Human Design

Without 30 gates, the “Dream” gates do not know where or with whom to ground their fantasies in the realities of life.

Such people may be confused about how they feel. Without 30s, people with 41 feel that they want changes, something new, but they don’t know which ones.

The man with the “Dream” gate is able to let go of his many fantasies. Instead, direct your drive and strength into the most urgent and catching dream, kindle a real fire of desire in yourself. If the dream inspires, they have enough energy to go through the new experience entirely. Patience and anticipation for a man with 41 gates is a blessing. It is important not to rush into decisions, how to feel them, and only then decide.

Gate 41 Compression on the Map

Gate 41 Compression is located in Root Center which is responsible for life adrenaline and pressure. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 41 and Gate 30 together form Channel 41-30 Recognition. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

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