It is important for people with the Gate 40 of Loneliness to find a healthy balance between work and rest, to find time for themselves and their desires.

The energy of the Gate 40 of Loneliness is part of the Community channel. Such people are naturally separated from the group or family. They are always faced with a choice – to serve the community or to free themselves from it. But even when they serve their people, they are out there somewhere, in earnings, in projects, in work privacy.

However, they need a community. For them, it is a source of recuperation, rest, pleasure, renewal and recharge. When they receive the required emotional support, care, warmth there, willpower helps such people to serve their people faithfully.

People with the Gate 40 can work hard for their family, community, or business. The breadwinners. But along with hard work, good rest is extremely important for them. What they sometimes forget completely. Lack of healthy rest affects their work productivity and results. Spending time alone is incredibly important to them. These people should set clear boundaries for how much time and energy they are willing to invest in their community and what they expect in return. All unspecified moments of cooperation or transaction become grievances and unjustified expectations. To prevent this from happening, it is important to clarify all the terms of the transaction in a transparent way. And before they close a deal and plunge into the ministry, they need time to feel – how ready they are to execute this deal, and how much the deal is fulfilled in return. See the results of the agreements. To deeply feel whether they find their pleasure in this service or not. If not, the gate of “Loneliness” justifies its name and goes on an individual voyage and searches for new communities.

Gate 40 Loneliness Human Design

The Gate of Loneliness needs support, understanding and dedication. When all agreements and emotional needs are met, there are no complaints about the community. The best recreational opportunities for Gate 40 are found in Gate 37. The “Family” gate of the 37th fills the 40th with the energy of allowing yourself what you need. With them, Gate 40 receives its space for solitude and relaxation, as well as the support of its own. If a person has both those and other Gate, he himself is able to create the best conditions for himself to recuperate. When he goes to waste at work, he feels emotionally uncomfortable. When there are no 37s in the card, such a person will be drawn to those who know how to create this emotional comfort.

The Gate 40 of Loneliness is part of the Community Channel. The gate of “Solitude” is always separate from the group. They can serve the group or leave it. Such people seek a balance between being alone and supporting others, between work and play. Rest is important for their well-being and health. But sometimes they forget about rest and work seven days a week. When they are emotionally comfortable, it is difficult to imagine a more devoted person.

The Gate 40 of Loneliness on the Map

The Gate 40 of Loneliness is located in Heart Center which is responsible for will power. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 40 and Gate 37 together form Channel 37-40 Community. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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