People with The Gate 4 of Formulation appreciate difficult and deep questions. It is important to remember that their answers are only guesses that need to be tested empirically. Therefore, not all of their answers are valuable. Some, on the other hand, may be useless or wrong. Their need to provide answers is related to the need to free themselves from the pressure of thoughts that they feel in their head.

The Gate 4 of Formulation are located in the Ajna Center, which means they feel the need to build theories, express opinions and concepts. They need to give answers to questions, thereby formulating explanations for sometimes illogical things. People with the 4th Gate should find a logical basis in everything. However, without the 63rd Gates, sometimes they do not know what to direct their energy to and what questions they need to look for answers to.

It is important to note that the energy of the people with the Gate 4 should be directed towards collective and social issues. They shouldn’t try to explain things that relate to their own lives. It is better to use your mind in work or some kind of social projects, so they can realize their potential.

They can get angry when they don’t understand something. And understanding is replaced by a new question that requires a new solution. Their answers may be useful to other people, but not to themselves. The energy of these gates pushes to seek the most logical answers to unanswered questions.

Gate 4 Formulation Human Design

They may be tempted by success and recognition without real understanding, and then they start juggling the facts without seeing the heart of the matter. They are logicians. They see the world through formulas that have the potential for a different understanding, perhaps more perfect. The consistency of the answer does not guarantee its accuracy.

Energy to respond convincingly to other people’s doubts or your own. The gift of such people is to understand the logic of life. They see the most logical solutions that can be very useful to others. They can prosper even in ignorance.

The Gate 4 of Formulation on the Map

The Gate 4 of Formulation is located in Ajna Center which is responsible for thinking and conceptualization. You can read about Ajna Center here.

Gate 4 and Gate 63 form Channel 4-63 Logic. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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