The task of people with the Gate 39 of Provocateur is to provoke the Spirit of others into material and spiritual abundance.

People with the Gate 39 provoke the emotions of other people, and this is how their Spirit is tested. Provocations can be very different. They can provoke even by their inaction or silence. The provocation gate also carries the quality of flirting. If the reaction to their provocation is negative, then the provocateur is not in resonance with the spirit of the other person. A 39-year-old shouldn’t take it personally. It is not worth doing this to their environment.

It is valuable for people with the Gate of Provocateur to learn how to provoke pleasure instead of pain and joy instead of despair. They can successfully evoke the desired reaction in someone, but what that reaction will be depends on their mood. In a bad mood, they can cause a similar state in another, without even knowing about it, unmotivated.

The energy of the Gate 39 provokes action. They can cause an energy explosion in another person, a transformational wave of changes during a period of emotional stagnation, depression, and sadness.

This Gate is also called the Deafness gate. They resist other people’s attempts to influence them.

The person with the Gate 39 needs the Gate 55 of Spirit Gate to know exactly how they feel. If a person has a whole channel 39-55, he provokes strong, filled emotional states in himself. If not, it happens in contact with other people who have the Gate 55. When a person with the Gate 39 provokes someone to emotions, he himself is better aware of what power he has and how he feels at the same time. Whether he likes to be in this state or not. Feels internally full or empty. People with Gate 39 are always looking for an opportunity to fall in love.

Gate 39 Provocateur Human Design

Each gateway to the Root Center has its own way of dealing with stress. Often these strategies involve eating. Therefore, they often seize up their stress by immoderately absorbing food. It is more healthy to remain with an empty stomach in states of inner emptiness. The melancholy of Gate 39 carries strong creative states that can be directed into creation, compose music or paint a picture.

The Gate 39 people provoke the emotions of other people in order to experience the quality of their spirit. They need to learn to provoke pleasure instead of pain, high and joy instead of despair and sadness. The energy of the 39’s provokes action.

The Gate 39 of Provocateur on the Map

The Gate 39 of Provocateur is located in Root Center which is responsible for life pressure and adrenaline. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 39 and the Gate 55 together form Channel 39-55 Emoting. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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