People with Gate 38 Fighter show their best qualities when confronting difficulties. Warriors and fighters for their highest goal. They resist any external influence if it separates them from their Highest goal.

In this Gate lives the gift of knowing the value of struggle, challenge, confrontation. And to discover that the fight is not waged with someone, not against someone. The struggle for such people is the philosophy of life, in order to eventually find what is worth the struggle, in order to surrender to your Highest goal and fight only for it. They are looking for something that will fill their life with meaning. And in this search they gain wisdom – that there is only struggle.

Gate 38 Fighter Human Design

They love a good fight and are always ready to defend their independence and dissimilarity. They want to fight hardships in order to gain a sense of the value and purpose of life. These “Warriors” become depressed if they do not feel that their life has true value.

People with Gate 38 can be very stubborn. They are incredibly difficult to influence. They are deaf to the influence of others and protected from compromise. Without Gate 28, they should not get involved in a war with things or people that are wrong for themselves, as this turns out to be wasted time, energy and health for them. Gate 28 Player just bring awareness to the Gate 38 – what is worth their struggle.

The Gate 38 are home to the fuel of war, confrontation, and opposition. Their energy is capable of conquering even the fear of death. They fight for the meaning of life, for its highest values. They dispute everything that divides it. Their tenacity trumps any disagreement. Higher knowledge is revealed to them through struggle.

Such people are able to maintain individuality by opposing the forces of conditioning. They show their best qualities through confronting difficulties. Warriors. They fight difficulties and through this they acquire the meaning and purpose of life. They become depressed without a sense of purpose in life. Stubborn. They do not allow anyone to influence themselves, do not allow themselves to be led astray.

Gate 38 Fighter on the Map

Gate 38 Fighter is located in Root Center which is responsible for life pressure and adrenaline. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 38 and Gate 28 together form Channel 28-38 Struggle. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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