People with an innate instinct for continuous material growth of their personal or social.

People with the Gate 32 of Continuity are instinctively empathetic. Their gift is to quickly adapt to changes, to feel when it is time to move from expectations to active action. Not earlier, not later, but at the most materially beneficial and safe moment for this. They quickly adapt to new orders and laws in society and derive maximum benefits from this.

They have the potential of awareness in adapting to what is happening now and can continuously develop their business, pursue the goal of constant material growth. They sense what can and cannot be transformed. Such a person may be haunted by a fear of failure in business, which can become intrusive and inadequate when he inflates with worrying thoughts. Trying to ignore your instincts leads to failure and bad decisions. Such people surround themselves with ambitious people, and they, in turn, are drawn to them in order to know the prospects for their growth.

Gate 32 Continuity Human Design

The 32 gate archetype is the financial manager of an ambitious entrepreneur with Gate 54. Such a person senses people who can shoot, climb high on the material or spiritual ladder. And they also sense the opportunities that contribute to this. They are conservative in nature because they know that it is self-control and restraint that bring long-term success. And not only for themselves, but for the entire community. Such people, at the level of instincts, are afraid to burn out, to fail.

People with Gate 32 sense ambitious guys, and adjust the degree of their impulse for the best results. If they have a whole channel of 32-54, they do the same for themselves. Both the 32nd and 54th can mutually benefit from communication. People with Gate 32 need a spark of Gate 54. She charges them with new ambitious goals.

Such people realize that only change is permanent. To them, they show maximum vigilance. They quickly adapt to changes and continue to act without long pauses, “change shoes on the go”. They have a subtle sense of what contributes to material growth and what does not. Help others grow on mutually beneficial terms.

The Gate 32 of Continuity on the Map

The Gate 32 of Continuity is located in Splenic Center which is responsible for health and intuition. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 32 and the Gate 54 together form Channel 32-54 Transformation. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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