People with the Gate 28 of Player are ready to risk a lot for the sake of their goal and meaning in life. They are looking for a goal to which they can devote themselves entirely.

The 28 gates contain knowledge – what is worth fighting for and what is not. What a game is worth the candle. The transience of life frightens them. And as if in spite of the fear of death, they can take extreme risks, just to feel alive. True, their actions often look risky from the outside, through the eyes of others. If a person with 28 gates listens to himself, his inner assistant, there is no solution too risky for him. The gates of the “Gambler” take risks, balancing on the brink between life and death, but usually they do not cross the line and feel it subtly. The deepest need of such people is to find a purpose in life. Without 38, such people can jump from one goal to another without reaching any of them. Paired with 38 gates in your map or when your partner has them – there is a focus on one goal, one thing, and the ability to abandon many others.

Gate 28 Player Human Design

In the 28 gates, there is an aspiration and passion to fight for the meaning of life, to comprehend it. To know the union with Being. Go beyond the fear of life and death. In the struggle, life wisdom comes to them. Fear comes from thinking that their life is meaningless.

These people show awareness of whether or not it is worth fighting for something at the moment. The fear of death goes away when you find your purpose to die for. Life for you is a challenge, a battle, a game. The very willingness to take risks tells such people about their true purpose. With an open Splenic Center, you shouldn’t make important, risky decisions spontaneously. It’s important to give yourself time. People with 28 gates can mutate society with knowledge that comes to them in the struggle for a goal. Their struggle and dedication as a personal example strengthens determination in other people.

People with 28 gates are willing to take risks for their main goal in life. They look for their goal and find it when they feel ready to risk a lot for it. They are reckless, and by their passion they strengthen others. When they find their purpose, the rest ceases to worry them.

The Gate 28 of Player on the Map

The Gate 28 of Player is located in Splenic Center which is responsible for health and intuition. You can read interesting information about Splenic Center here.

The Gate 28 and the Gate 38 together form Channel 28-38 Struggle. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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