The goal and gift of people with the Gate 26 of Egoist is to receive the maximum reward for the minimum effort. It is beneficial to use your ingenuity, audacity and resourcefulness to the benefit of yourself and your community.

The Gate 26 represents the archetype of the contagious merchant. They can even turn out the bare potential with the most attractive side. And after some manipulations, their product already seems tempting and is bought. This is the gate of the “Trickster”. They know how to turn any situation in their favor, and sometimes they are caught doing it.

The Trickster’s gate is located in the Ego center. They naturally demand rewards for their selling tricks and dexterity. They want to climb the material ladder enough to not work at all. The 26s have incredible survivability. They find the most effective ways out of the most difficult situations. Without 44s, they do not feel the material abilities and needs of other people. They may have something that can be sold in the broadest sense, and they know better than others how to do it, but without Gate 44, they do not know who to sell, when and where.

Gate 26 Egoist Human Design

Gate 26 energy manipulates memory for personal gain as well as the benefit of your community or company. They can cleverly lie, sell air, or it is advantageous to emphasize the advantages of a useful and necessary product, in the value of which they themselves believe. And only in the latter case does life really reward them. In the Gate 26 lives the strength and audacity of the Ego. Such people do not like to work hard, but they like to relax. This is the gate of the thymus gland.

People with Gate 26 so cleverly manipulate facts like jugglers, pushing the necessary forward, and not the necessary – hiding. This is done for personal benefit and / or for the benefit of your community or company. Serving their community turns out to be great bonuses for them in the long term.

The Gate 26 of Egoist on the Map

The Gate 26 of Egoist is located in Ego Center which is responsible for willpower. You can read interesting information about Ego Center here.

The Gate 26 and the Gate 44 together form Channel 26-44. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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