People with The Gate 22 of Openness are always under incredible pressure to express their feelings, to influence them on the emotions and sense of self of other people. With their emotional openness, they reveal other people, make them receptive to the adoption of new, transformational knowledge.

People with Gate 22 know how to conduct a dialogue about nothing. But their Gift is to strengthen others with their emotions, to bring something completely new, unpopular to society. They are realized through the transfer of their spiritual discoveries to other people.

Gate 22 Openness Human Design

When people with the Gate Openness are in the mood, they convey to others something that activates new unfamiliar experiences and feelings in them. Despite their social nature, when they are in a bad mood – it is better for them to stay behind closed doors, in solitude! When they are in a good mood, they are graceful and social, however, when the mood wave falls down, their behavior can be devoid of all grace and grace and can become antisocial. Without the Gate 12, the 22 cannot express their emotions, although they all feel.

These people have the potential to empower others with their emotional depth. On the rise of the emotional wave, they have a magnetic, natural charm, especially with strangers. Biologically, the 22nd gate is associated with the left ear. They color everything they hear with their mood. In the moment they hear what they want to hear. This can also apply to the choice of music according to the mood – funny, romantic or hard-core. The choice of music in this case will be a direct clue regarding your current state. Before drawing conclusions, it is valuable to take a pause to digest what you have heard, or to hear the same thing in different states – on the rise and fall of the emotional wave.

People with Gate 22 are under incredible pressure to express their feelings and influence others, to push them towards new knowledge, feelings and states. They easily open up others when they are open themselves. They bring new desires and knowledge to society. And their incredible magnetism, charisma and graceful demeanor and communication help them in this.

The Gate 22 of Openness on the Map

The Gate 22 of Openness is located in Solar Plexus Center which is responsible for our feelings and emotions. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

The Gate 22 of Openness and the Gate 12 form Channel 12-22 Openness. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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