Material independence is important for people with The Gate 21 of Hunter. Leaders by nature. They flourish when they are able to control others, and when they gain such freedom that no one can control them.

The gift of these people to control everything that is significant in their lives, especially money, food, territory and lifestyle. They are the archetype of the CEO of the company. People with Gate 21 are best when they are in control. They don’t like it when someone tells them what to do and how to do it. They are demanding by nature, and if it comes to their field of responsibility, you will not get confused with them. On the other hand, their control may be excessive, unnecessary. So they just miss control where it really needs to be.

Gate 21 Hunter Human Design

People with Gate 21 may like people with Gate 45. For example, the founder of a 45-gate business creates the 21st opportunity to show himself, manage the business, control its development and prosperity, and relieve himself of the responsibility of the founder. Without the Gate 45, the 21 are seeking respect and authority from the people, but they lack a broader vision, an invisible presence and an outside perspective – which really needs to be controlled.

For Gate 21, it is permissible and justified to use force and demand high-quality performance of tasks from their wards. They are not afraid of the loneliness and dislike of others, if it bears fruit and takes business and the well-being of people to a new level. In this gate lives the strength for a successful life on the material plane. Such people are by nature selfish, and they use the power of their ego most effectively for the purposes and interests of the community. They want to dominate and control, and are not afraid to be left alone if it makes others dislike or avoid them. The heart of such people is anxious and can hurt when some important areas are left to chance. In this case, their material resources slip through their fingers and chaos ensues.

The need of people with Gate 21 is to dominate the material plane, to control themselves and others. Control leads them to success and prosperity, when they control not everything, but only the most necessary, and do not allow others to interfere in what they are personally responsible for.

The Gate 21 of Hunter on the Map

The Gate 21 of Hunter is located in Heart Center which is responsible for willpower. You can read interesting information about Heart Center here.

The Gate 21 of Hunter and the Gate 45 together form Channel 21-45 Money. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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