People with activated Gate 2 of Higher Knowledge are people with a subtle foreboding of an innovative and successful direction in life. Throughout life, they are driven by a craving for beauty, love and creative work.

People with Gate 2 have an innate sensitivity to innovative, successful direction in life, and it works for themselves, for other people and even entire communities. When following Strategy and Authority, such people feel in which direction they should move: both literally and figuratively. Moreover, they can guide not only themselves, but other people as well. More precisely, other people can be inspired by their example. The power of 2 gates is like an acorn that knows how to become an oak. For such a transformation, he needs the energy resources of the 14th gate. Without the power of 14 gates, knowing the path alone is not enough. The ignition key for 2 gates seems to turn on the motor power of the 14s, captivating them with the opportunity to feel love for their work. Attempts of people with 2 gates to do all the work by themselves frustrate and exhaust them. They are not the ones who should work for everyone.

Gate 2 Higher Knowledge Human Design

They are coordinators, directing the creative process, paving the way for new mutational directions in certain areas. For example, they can get a job and, within the framework of certain processes, feel some new directions and trends that should be followed in order to come to general prosperity. However, for Gate 2, the right allies are important for their talent to play out. In the right environment, they unleash their potential in a meaningful way.

Gate of Higher Knowledge. They are attuned to the subtle voice of the soul and are able to follow it themselves and lead others. These people themselves may not be very aware of the nature of their sensitivity to the direction they take and direct others. Despite this, others can see him as a talented coordinator and guide.

The gate of “Higher Knowledge” is the most receptive of all hexagrams. Pure Yin. They are the root cause of any response, action, direction. This is the place where the Higher Self directs itself. These people internally know where and what should move. They experience the direction to the Higher Self as a craving to meet beauty and love.

The Gate 2 of Higher Knowledge

Gate 2 of Higher Knowledge is located in G Center which is responsible for love and destiny. You can read about G Center here.

Gate 2 and Gate 14 form Channel 2-14 Heartbeat. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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