People with The Gate 19 of Need financially and emotionally successful interactions with other people.

Such people press on others to draw attention to needs: personal or those of those around them. Their inner drive always satisfies the basic needs for food, shelter and sex. People with 19 Gate need their own home, communication with their people, and a full fridge of food. They flirt with others to see if their needs are met. If the other person agrees with their needs, they can make a deal. Without gate 49, people with gate 19 may be aware of their needs, but not know how to get them.

Such people need touch and know how to touch the emotions of another person. They have an ancient connection with the animal and plant world.

Gate 19 Need Human Design

The energy of the 19 Gate is looking for unions, alliances, unlimited access to the community. Such people may seem overly sensitive, distracted, or anxious until their basic needs are met.

They know how to go to a meeting with another so that the meeting ends with a deal. At the first difficulties, they do not retreat. They understand that building trusting and successful relationships takes time. Such people know how to pay attention to the needs of the tribe and the need for support. Psychologically, it is important for them to have access to unlimited resources. The drive and pressure of the 19 Gate drove all revolutions.

In the 19 Gate lives the wisdom that we are all interconnected as part of one whole. This awareness helps to establish an emotionally close and trusting relationship. The energy of the 19 Gate needs to be united with superior forces, wants unlimited access to the community and its resources.

The Gate 19 of Need on the Map

The Gate 19 of Need is located in Root Center which is responsible for pressure and adrenalin. You can read about Root Center here.

Gate 19 and Gate 49 form Channel 19-49 Synthesis. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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