The gift of people with the Gate 18 of Correction is in everything and always to see defects, imperfections and imperfections in order to correct, improve them. To make the world more perfect and people’s lives safe.

People with 18 Gate can always see what is wrong. In the world, in work, in other people. Their criticism works only on the impersonal level, and when it goes to the individual, it creates big problems in communication. People with 18s see when a pattern is flawed and feel better when challenged. Critics from God. Without 58s, they have a tendency to spot a mistake, but lack the drive and strength to insist on fixing it. People with 18 Gate were deeply conditioned by their parents, and especially by the parent of the opposite sex. Their task is to understand and accept that the influence of parents, entrenched in them from childhood, is the main source of their gift of criticism. The gate of “Criticism” is both afraid of authorities and wants to challenge them. To do this, it is important for them to develop understanding, to achieve competence in their field.

Gate 18 Correction Human Design

They experience their desire to correct as dissatisfaction with what is. To identify errors, they use a comparison tool that correlates the norm with the surrounding reality. They learn all their lives to recognize what is worth improving, constantly refining their taste in this. The longer they stay in some direction, the more objective and accurate their taste becomes. They receive their recognition through recognition of their gift by other people, their invitation to show their gift. If a person with 18 Gate does not like something, it is important to remember that it may not be to their taste only. They can show their gift for finding non-working templates, for example, in coaching, choosing a wardrobe, “tasty” room design or testing various systems.

People with 18 Gate have a gift in everything and always see defects and insist on correcting them. They are vigilant and determined to defend the fundamental human rights to security and healthy relationships.

The Gate 18 of Correction on the Map

The Gate 18 of Correction is located in Splenic Center which is responsible for health and intuition. You can read about Splenic Center here.

Gate 18 and Gate 58 form Channel 18-58 Judgment. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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