People with the Gate 17 of Opinions have their own opinions on many issues. They make various assumptions about topics of concern to them. Their gift is to foresee the future by observing the present. A well-built opinion, confirmed by details and facts, can serve many people, show systematically and logically what is happening now and predict the future.

People with the Gate 17 are logics by nature. They organize different views, details and facts into complete opinions, which are then shared with others. Their opinions on the good must stand up to criticism and the test of endurance. This gate is anatomically associated with the right eye and left hemisphere. The Gate of Opinion gives new life to doubts and hypotheses on how to resolve these doubts. The Gate of Opinions on the basis of different doubts forms a vision, which carries an integral understanding and is a universal formula into which you can then substitute different questions and receive answers (x + y = z). To check the adequacy of the theoretical opinion of the 17th gate, the 62nd gate is needed. They help to substantiate and confirm that the opinion is not unfounded, but is based on confirmed facts. Or refute, recognize in the opinion not objectivity and fit.

Gate 17 Opinions Human Design

People with the Gate 17 see and understand logical patterns, systems, and their structure. But after they saw the new formula, built the logic and understanding, the proof work begins. Their understanding is conveyed through images or visual formulas. Such people are visually oriented. They have a distorted sense of time. They always look to the future. But when they visualize the future, they do not see the moment when exactly this or that will happen. Their opinion can be ahead of time, rush things, be untimely, and at the same time stand firmly on their own. They may regard as narrow-minded those who do not share their opinion. An important step in developing them is not rushing to conclusions and developing acceptance. It is acceptance that opens the door for them to an objective understanding of life, without being pulled by the ears. An important skill and lesson for Gate 17 is not persistently accepting what is. If the opinion is timely, it has both uses and resources.

An ancient law: who wants to rule must first learn to serve. Every opinion goes through a stage of testing and criticism. In this gate lives the fear of being confronted with objections that reveal incompetence of opinion. Do not be afraid of this. Allow time for your opinion to mature into valid and proven.

People with 17 Gate form logical opinions. They visualize the future in order to positively influence it, suggest what measures need to be taken in advance. It is important for them to learn to accept situations in which their opinion is not supported. Opinion is the result of the work of the mind. And the mind only assumes, builds hypotheses that do not always find a response in others, and are not always related to real life.

The Gate 17 of Opinions on the Map

The Gate 17 of Opinions is located in Ajna Center which is responsible for manifestation of thoughts, wishes etc. You can read about Ajna Center here.

The Gate 17 and the Gate 62 form Channel 17-62 Acceptance. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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