The whole life for people with The Gate 10 of Self Behavior is an expression of their uniqueness and love for themselves, enjoying their uniqueness.

It is the gate of love to being yourself. In conjunction with the Gate 20, the Gate 10 can express this love for themselves in words, and without this connection – in their behavior. Depending on the line of 10 gates (the number after the dot in the map, for example 10.1), these people express one of six patterns of behavior: 1 – Researcher, 2 – Hermit, 3 – Martyr, 4 – Opportunist, 5 – Heretic, 6 – An example to follow.

Gate 10 Self Behavior Human Design

Thanks to such people, we can better understand the main lines of behavior in society. It is best for such people to surrender to the behavior that comes from them, and not even try to evaluate it. Self-love arises from a sense of surrender to your natural pattern of behavior. Your model doesn’t change and appears naturally if you don’t try to influence it. This is how you express love for yourself, you get unlimited access to it. Self-love also reveals love for others.

This line of behavior reflects the optimal scenario of your survival on the material plane and going beyond it. Here lives the love of life, the love of being alive. These gates carry a sense of certainty in being yourself. And also the mystical experience of self-love in the moment now.

They may feel sad that others do not know how to behave.

In conjunction with the Gate 57 of Intuitive Clarity, the Gate 10 of Behavior gains awareness of survival and success. In conjunction with 34, they gain the strength to follow their path unyieldingly and decisively.

The fixed behavior of people with the Gate 10 helps them to survive and achieve success despite the circumstances. People with 10 gates express love for themselves and their uniqueness by their behavior.

The Gate 10 of Self Behavior on the Map

The Gate 10 of Self Behavior is located in G Center which is responsible for love and destiny. You can read about G Center here.

Gate 10 and Gate 57 form Channel 10-57 Perfect Form. You can read about this Channel here.

Gate 10 and Gate 34 form Channel 10-34 Research. You can read about this Channel here.

Gate 10 and Gate 20 form Channel 10-20 Awakening. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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