Gate 1 Self Expression is the gate of the artist and actor. Such people always attract attention, although they love to create in solitude. Their philosophy is to do everything in their own special way. Such creativity has an ebb and flow. It can flare up or disappear in an instant. People with 1 gate create for the sake of creativity itself, because they cannot otherwise. Internally, they expect recognition for their creativity.

Gates 1 Self Expression Human Design

And if they do not think about the benefits, but simply follow their hearts, recognition soon finds them. The gate of “Creativity” looks into the 8th gate of the “Throat Center”, which for the first gate acts as an agent helping to direct creative flows in a useful direction. An agent may know how to present the fruits of Gate 1 creativity so that others will notice and appreciate it.

People with a Gate of Expression can do even the most commonplace things in an unusual creative way. And it’s a pleasure to watch this!

These gates identify their Self with creativity itself. In pure creation, the separation of the creator and the object of creativity is erased. Such a person gives birth to unique works of art, creates, and through this attracts attention.

Creativity inspires. The gate of “Creativity” represents the archetype of Yang energy. It is important for such energy to surrender to your direction and not try to evaluate it in terms of – right or wrong. With his direction, such a person can transform the path of development of society.

Fame is a bad guide for them. It seems to stain the purity of the impulse of the soul.

It is important for such people to pull the diamonds of their souls to the surface and surrender to their creative unpredictability. Then recognition itself will find them.

The state of melancholy for such people is a common thing. Melancholy carries a powerful creative resource. It is especially felt when others do not notice the creator in them.

They bring unusual creativity into the world and can become inspiring examples, those they want to follow. They themselves are not particularly interested in followers.

Such people want to be different from the majority. When you compare them to someone else, you hurt them. They need their gift to be noticed and recognized. They get their respect when they wait for their people and their admiration.

The Gate 1 of Self Expression on the Map

The Gate 1 of Self Expression is located in G Center which is responsible for love and destiny. You can read about G Center here.

Gate 1 and Gate 8 form Channel 1-8 Inspiration. You can read about this Channel here.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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