We often talk about the so-called experiment in Human Design. However, we do not often think about what this concept means. What is Human Design? In fact, this is knowledge that you can believe or not believe in. Any knowledge can be applied in practice or remain at the level of theory. It’s the same with Human Design. Each of us can calculate his own Bodygraph and carefully study the information regarding Centers, Profile, Type, Channels, etc. Come from everything about delight and this is where you finish your acquaintance with Human Design.

However, this completely contradicts the concept of experiment. This concept includes trial and practice. That is, while experimenting, we apply in practice the knowledge that we have received from some other source.  

Human Design initially provides some kind of scientific basis. This is the knowledge that we perceive, first of all, from a theoretical point of view. However, after that, it is important to learn how to apply the information received in life! But unfortunately, it happens that this does not happen. Our mind begins to chase tons of information without the ability to put it all into practice. We study everything related to Human Design, immerse ourselves in this world and even begin to look at ourselves from a slightly different angle. At some point, there is too much information and we simply do not know what to do with all this. Because when we are overwhelmed, we don’t even know where to start.

In this case, the concepts of Strategy and Authority remain just words for us. We cannot feel for ourselves what it means to follow the Strategy or live our Authority. And what are we to do with all this? How to avoid an overdose of information and start experimenting on time? 

How to experiment with Human Design

No matter what stage of studying your Design you are, if for you all this is just a theory, it is very important that you return as soon as possible to the point from which you started and allow yourself to delve into every word and concept. Let’s say the first thing you know is that you are a Generator Type and your Strategy is to respond to life. Perhaps you read about it once and it made you delighted. However, how this works in real life, you still do not understand. 

It’s time to fix the situation. Try to finally stop initiating and start waiting for the opportunities that life will offer you and, of course, listen to yourself in anticipation of an inner response. Learn to hear your body. Trust him to make important life decisions. Free your restless Mind from this function. 

Experiment Human Design

As soon as you feel even for a second what it is like to follow the inner response and trust your Strategy, you can move on. 

Knowledge is given to our Mind. But it must be expressed, one way or another, in the body. Our strategy is in the body. Our inner Authority is contained in the body. But we so desperately strive to feel fulfilled, successful, happy that sometimes we forget that the ideas about life that the Mind imposes on us can be completely different from those ideas that really correspond to our nature. 

Let’s learn to listen to your body, pay attention to its reactions, why it behaves in one way or another and how it manifests itself, see where it is constrained, and where, on the contrary, relaxed and start living your amazing Experiment!

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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