Experiment in Human Design is the main basis on which the system is built. Without practice, knowledge makes no sense. What do we usually hear about the experiment? Mostly we hear rave reviews about it. Experimentation is so great that your life will be filled with the wonder of satisfaction, acceptance, harmony and delight. And it’s true.

It’s true that no one talks about the backlash in between raptures. As we know, in order to make progress on any given issue, one must go through various stages. This includes a desire to quit and get your life back on track. Experimentation requires us to be persistent and assertive. And at some point our hard work pays off. But then we begin to regress again. We start acting the way you used to act again. Making decisions out of Mind, living a life that brings us no joy.

When they tell us about the experiment, nobody mentions that regressions set us back, make us devalue past experiences. And yet it does. One day you hit the ceiling and realize that even if you follow Strategy and Authority, you can’t jump over your head, vividly feeling the limits of your abilities and strengths. In short, you realize that you are still limited by something. And not only by the peculiarities of your form, but also by your outlook and mental abilities.

But then, when you stop resisting your own imperfection, a leap happens again. And there you are again ready to experiment and live your life in a new, unfamiliar format. You’re back on the horse. You again rush at full speed toward your goal, hoping that the exciting adventure will lead you to the Emerald City and the magician will finally tell you how to get home and realize your mission in life.

Experiment in Human Design

And then the backlash happens again. And our experiment comes to such a standstill that we even get annoyed by the words Strategy and Authority. It seems to us that nothing is happening and you’re stagnating. And then you realize that it’s not you who’s stagnant, it’s just that everything that’s going on isn’t about you. And that’s why your Inner Authority is silent and doesn’t give any signals. And you have to learn to acknowledge that.

Inner silence is always associated with passivity. And passivity is necessary in order to accumulate energy for something important, long-term.

When you realize this, Strategy and Authority begin to play bright colors again and take on a deeper meaning. When you stop resisting what is happening, these words acquire the status of a magic spell that opens all doors and performs real miracles.

At such moments it begins to seem that everything in life is much easier than we used to think. And that makes it unspeakably easy.
But in order to come to this realization, we have to walk a lot of roads and spend a lot of time doing things we don’t need to do at all. And then to go back, to decide that it is all in vain, to rise up and go forward again along the yellow brick road.

Only there can we find the answers to our most difficult questions. Those answers are almost always on the surface. The problem is that we far from always notice them. Or rather, we simply do not want to notice, and we choose the most difficult paths. But in the end we go back to the very beginning and do the same thing, but in much simpler ways.

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