Today we’re going to talk about expectation Human Design.

Expectation is one of the hooks of our Mind. When we begin to live out our true Design, we should, if possible, give up all expectations: just let go of the picture that Mind draws of how things should be and surrender to what is happening to us. But this is so difficult and requires incredible effort.

First you have to admit that these expectations are there, and then you have to try to give them up. Remember that feeling when Mind says, “You do this work and you’ll be happy. And we plug in, we invest, we do, we achieve, we win. But there is no joy and satisfaction. Actually there is, but it is so short-lived that it is not worth the effort. It’s like all achieved, but the taste of life is not felt.

But then we embark upon the Experiment and begin to follow the Strategy and Authority. Suppose our type is a Generator and our Strategy is to respond to life. We begin to choose only things that we have a Response to, whether it’s a job, a new hobby, or an attitude. And voila! We get satisfaction from our own lives. Lots of Satisfaction. And we feel joyful and happy.

And then this is what happens. Our Mind, unwilling to give up, sets the net again, trying to trap us. It wants the Response to lead to the expected, desired result.

For example, you have a response to a new job. If you accept it, you will spend your energy correctly and enjoy the new people and work tasks in which you will be involved.

But the Mind claims that’s not enough. It needs everything to be perfect. Satisfaction must be maximized and lead you to millions earned, universal fame and recognition. And not less. And just to accept a new job and get satisfaction from it, to realize that you are doing something important and useful, it is certainly not enough.

In fact, this is how the bargaining takes place. The mind blocks satisfaction in the body, bringing to the forefront a picture of what it would like to get but hasn’t. The picture is huge, bright, and so catchy that it is simply impossible to ignore it. So we start doing everything we can to bring it to life, while ignoring Strategy and Authority.

And it is in the Mind that frustration comes from the fact that energy is wasted on something other than the goal. In this case, contentment and relaxation of the body are relegated to the background and can be difficult to find.

Expectation Human Design

But you know, if you are in harmony with your body, if you can hear it, if you can shift your focus of attention to the energy and bodily sensations, then you can recognize this moment of manipulation by the Mind.

In this case it is much easier for us to resist our mighty opponent Mind, gradually transferring it from the category of an opponent into an ally. But to do this, we must always keep the focus of attention in the body, so that expectations do not interfere with the natural flow of life!

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