What is environment in Human Design? First of all, it directly affects how we live our Design. How correctly we understand and accept our nature. How comfortable we are to be where we are. 

There is a correct habitat for each of us. Someone feels more comfortable in spacious rooms. Someone, on the contrary, prefers cozy and modest rooms, where everything is at hand. Someone may be surrounded by a large number of people. And someone, on the contrary, prefers to spend most of the time alone with himself, all alone. And there is absolutely no logic in this. Don’t try to rationalize this. It’s just that each has its own individual nature. And the features that must be taken into account in the process of equipping your own life.

Frankly speaking, a person can adapt to any conditions. Of course, sometimes it takes a lot of time. But in the end, our body adapts to absolutely everything. However, this does not mean at all that in any conditions we will feel the same. And that we don’t have to pay attention to choosing the right environment. 

Environment in Human Design

If we are in a habitat that does not suit us, our body begins to resist it. And eventually comes to a state of absolute exhaustion. An incorrect habitat and, as a consequence, the environment can literally take away all our strength. In addition, when we are in conditions that are contrary to our nature, we cannot fully realize our potential. On our way every now and then there are insurmountable obstacles. And yet we overcome them, spend strength and energy on it. We are exhausted, upset, sometimes despairing. But everything could have been completely different.

Being in the correct environment, a person can easily carry out his plans. It is much easier for him to achieve his goals. He practically does not have any difficulties and getting stuck. Circumstances develop in the most environmentally friendly and effective way for him. And believe me, the environment plays one of the key roles in all this. Although it would seem such a trifle. But actually it is not. 

Habitat in Human Design is subdivided into six basic Colors. Depending on which Color you belong to, a certain habitat suits you. Knowing his Color, a person can experiment with finding the correct environment for himself. Try one option, then another. Listen to yourself and your feelings. And do your best to find your place. The habitat in which he will feel as comfortable as possible. 

1 color. Caves

If your Bodygraph has 1 Color defined, then you feel comfortable in a protected environment. In the sense that it should be protected just for you. When you are in a certain place, you should feel safe. This means that spacious rooms do not really correspond to your nature. You will be much more comfortable in small, cozy rooms. The kind in which you will feel safe and secure. Having the ability to control everything that happens around you. 

Such people can feel absolutely happy in a small, modest apartment. Simply because they are absolutely safe there. But in a spacious house, they may be a little uncomfortable. 

2 Color. Markets

What is the market? This is a gathering of a large number of people. Everyone is shouting, fussing, someone is trying to sell something, someone, on the contrary, is thinking how to buy the necessary thing at a cheaper price … Everyone is shaking hands, making deals, etc. And if you have 2 Color of the habitat defined in your Bodygraph, this suggests that you are comfortable in such places.  

You need to feel part of the whole and be in the thick of things. This applies to both the room in which you live and your lifestyle in general. You can rent an apartment with friends and it won’t bother you. On the contrary, you will feel as comfortable as possible in such an environment. 

If you are an accomplished person, you live in a big house, it will not hurt you to invite friends to your place more often, to arrange family holidays, parties. The more people you interact with, the better for you. If nothing is happening around you, you may feel uncomfortable. 

3 Color. Kitchens

If your map defines 3 Habitat Color, this means that you are comfortable in a room that resembles a kitchen in its dynamics and liveliness. That is, the most comfortable environment for you is one in which something is constantly happening and even slight chaos reigns.

This does not mean at all that there should be a mess in your apartment all the time. But an easy mess won’t hurt you. The more lively your home is, the better for you. Throw noisy parties more often, invite friends, colleagues, etc. This is good and natural for you. 

Megalopolises and big cities, where it is noisy and fun, suit you for life. 

Now let’s remember what we usually do in the kitchen. Right. Cooking, doing something with our own hands. This is why handwork is ideal for you. 

4 color. Mountains

Representatives of 4 Colors need to feel at their best. In a metaphorical sense. Although a periodic stay in the mountains will also benefit them. Height is what gives them strength and confidence. When such people look at the world from a distance and downward, they feel that they have everything under control, but at the same time they can come down at any moment and do what is required of them.

5 Color. Valleys

For representatives of the 5th Color, it is correct and useful to experience the diversity of life. After all, absolutely anything can happen in the valley. A person cannot control the events that are taking place, but he can actively participate in them and accept them as they are. As well as the people who surround him. 

The more events happen to such people, the better for them. This means that they need to be open to everything that happens. 

6 Color. Shores

Happiness for a representative of the 6th Color is to be constantly on the move and discover new places, in each of which he will be able to find something dear and pleasant for his soul.

Such a person is a born wanderer and traveler. In no case should he sit in one place. As soon as he has the opportunity to go somewhere, it is better to use it! The main thing is that in each new place he finds something that is close to him.  

As you can see, each Color is different. And each habitat has its own characteristics. They need to be taken into account not only when choosing a home for yourself, but also in many other life issues. For example, when building relationships or setting up your workplace. And do not think that the environment does not affect our mood and performance in any way. It also affects how. In a sense, a correct environment is the key to a happy and harmonious life for us. Provided, of course, that you follow Strategy and Authority. 

In other words, the correct living environment cannot influence our life in a global sense. It cannot guarantee us success and personal happiness. Can’t relieve us of our difficulties. But it can even create favorable conditions for us to develop and unleash our potential. Just as correct nutrition can create favorable conditions for the functioning of our body. 

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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