What is energy in Human Design? And what is energy in common? First of all, it is a vital fuel that helps us to live our lives efficiently, brightly, directing our energies to good deeds. It is thanks to energy that we manage to do work, creative work and other things that are of interest to us. There are different types of energies: physical, mental, sexual. And each type of energy has its own characteristics. We need a certain type of energy for a particular area of ​​our life. But no business is complete without energy as such. And first of all Sacral Center is responsible for it. 

It is he who is the main source of resources that we can dispose of at our discretion. But the fact is that this Center is defined only in 70% of the population, namely, in Generators and Manifesting Generators. For the rest of the Types (Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors), this Center is not defined. But does this mean that they have no energy at all? Of course not. It’s just that these people are in a dependent position: in order to feel the strength in themselves, they need an external source of recharge. Often the owners of defined Sacral become such a source for them.

Energy in Human Design

Thus, as long as a person with an undefined Sacral Center is among people (those who have defined Sacral Center), for example, at work, with relatives or friends, everything is fine with him. They are full of strength and energy. They are ready to work, carry out important assignments, have fun, etc. But when they are alone, the energy immediately leaves them. But the carriers of defined Sacral Centers can be in a state for almost twenty-four hours a day. And for this they absolutely do not need someone who will feed them. Their source of nourishment is within themselves. But does this mean that Generators never have a shortage of energy? Or that the lights never get tired. Of course not. Generators are people too and are often exhausted.

Energy deficit

And how and when this happens is directly related to the activity that the Generator is engaged in. As we remember, the Generator must follow the inner response in life. This is his Strategy: when the Generator lives its life correctly, proceeding from its nature, it only takes on things to which it has a response. And in this case, he experiences a pleasant feeling of satisfaction. And its internal reserves only increase.

But what happens if the Generator is not doing its business? The one that initiated his Mind. Ignores internal feedback. In this case, he not only does not feel satisfaction from his activities, but also loses strength and, as a result, his energy is not enough for anything: sometimes to get out of bed. 

Thus, for the carriers of defined Centers, there is one main way to avoid the loss of energy: to follow their Strategy and take up only those cases to which they have a response. 

But what about those for whom Sacral Center is not defined? With them, everything is much easier. They just need to listen to themselves and stop themselves at moments when there is very little energy, for example, because there is no source of energy supply nearby. The most important thing for these people is not to overdo it. To live and work in harmony with oneself, rather than trying to conform to social patterns and standards or to take first places in socialist competitions. 

Here is an algorithm that can help the holders of the open Sacred Centers avoid exhaustion.

  1. Communicate with Generators and Manifest Generators more often. 
  2. Do not forget that they may not always be as active and efficient as their friends and colleagues. 
  3. Create a schedule for each day, which will always have a place for rest and short breaks. 

Energy is the foundation of our entire life. If we have no energy, then we cannot do anything. This is why it is so important to listen to yourself and use your inner resources strictly for their intended purpose.

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