Energy blackmail is the unconscious influence of one person on another. This concept should not be confused with blackmail in the ordinary sense of the word. Energy blackmail is born at the level of aura interaction, and in most cases, no one consciously directs anything, everything happens as if by itself.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of interaction we’re talking about. Whether it is a friendly, loving, or working relationship, we still influence each other. And this influence is most obvious through the interaction of defined and open Centers. During some conflict situations, when one feels the need to express or verbalize negative feelings, it becomes especially acute.

The process of influence of the energy of one person’s body on the energy of another person’s body takes place regardless of our desire. This is a purely natural mechanism, which cannot be stopped by an effort of will or any other efforts, except for the absolute exclusion of any kind of interaction and even physical presence near each other (which, you will agree, is not always possible).

How to be in such a situation? The most obvious one is to become aware of this type of interaction and to make decisions based on this awareness.

How do you spot energy blackmail?

First you should think about how you “blackmail” your partner. Let’s examine this at the level of the Centers. If you take two rave cards, yours and your partner’s, and look at which Centers you and your partner have identified, and which are not, you can see exactly how energy blackmail manifests itself in your relationship.

When you have Center identified, and your partner has an undefined one, you are mechanically trying to make him/her follow the rules of your game: be like you, reflect the same things that you do, and not show what you do not like.

Defined Centers are not aware of what they are doing to undefined ones. This is how energy works, but it doesn’t mean that the undefined Centers remain “poor and defenseless” in this situation. Literally from the moment we are born, we are constantly practicing how to build protection in our indeterminate Centers. Since we have no fixed, steady energy in these Centers, and all our “false selves” are also safely living there, our indeterminate Centers are perfectly trained in how to cope with the energies fixing them and how to blackmail back at them.

Energy blackmail

It’s as if the Indeterminate Centers are saying, “Be like me, or I’ll go away and you’ll be alone.” At the same time, the blackmail of the Undefined Center always looks like this: “I’m going on strike and I won’t be like you, but if you want me to be like you, then give me something in return that I need.

And it is perhaps the indeterminate centers that have the most sophisticated blackmail strategies, even though they are inherently a real bluff. Herein lies the weakness of the mechanical victim, the indeterminate Center when a certain one leaves, that bluff becomes apparent.

Next, let’s look at the energy blackmail for each of the Centers. And here it is important to understand that the phrases that this or that center “speaks” in most cases will not come to verbal expression, but may “float” in the air. Therefore, do not take such phrases as something that will be said exactly and specifically so. What is important is the context that these words carry with them.

Energy Blackmail of Crown Center

The possessor of defined Crown Center “blackmails” someone whose Crown Center is undefined as follows: “Think about the same things I think about. Look for answers to the same questions. If you do not do that, then I will go away and you will remain uninspired and hung up in your restlessness”. That is, a person with defined Crown Center conditions not only questions, but also the need to look for answers to those who do not have this Center.

And when defined Center blackmails the undefined one, then the latter actually has no choice whether to think about it or not, because he will always do it, even despite his attempts to defend himself: “It doesn’t concern me, it doesn’t bother me at all and it’s none of my business. I don’t want to think about it, period!”

The paradox here is this: thinking “I don’t want to think about it” is exactly what a person with open Crown Center is doing.

Open Crown Center responds by blackmailing like this: “If you want me to agonize with you over your problem, then give me what I need.”

Ajna Energy Blackmail

In the Ajna area, the story is similar.

The possessor of a certain Ajna blackmails someone who has an undefined Ajna in this way: “Think like me, agree with me. Without me you will be deprived of the knowledge of life. Do you think otherwise? Then I will go away and you will be lost.” That is, the definite Ajna, blackmailing the indefinite one, “wants” the latter to reflect its worldview – philosophical, religious, political, in general any. The important thing here is that the possessor of the undefined Center sees and describes the world in exactly the same way as the one with the defined Ajna.

But the undefined Ajna, of course, defends itself, and does so in the following way: “I’m not interested. And don’t think of pressuring me. Otherwise I won’t listen to you at all and will ignore your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I’ll just listen to what you say, pretend and wait until you’re finished to say something of my own. And, generally speaking, whatever you think, I don’t agree with anything.”

A certain mind needs expression, for example, to see how effective his knowledge is or how it will work, and for him the indefinite Ajna is the best reflector. So there is blackmail on the part of the indefinite Ajna of this kind: “If you don’t give me what I need, I won’t listen to you and you won’t be able to have your reflection.

Throat Center Energy Blackmail

The Throat Center is the Center where initiation takes place through words and deeds. That is, it converts energy into words or actions.

The owner of a certain Throat Center blackmails a person with an undefined Throat as follows: “Speak my language and do as I do. Otherwise I won’t pay any attention to you, won’t perceive you at all.” At the same time, he does not want his partner with the indefinite Throat Center to learn to express himself in any other way than he does. It is important to him that his partner fully reflect his style of communication and act in the way that is convenient for him.

By blackmailing the indefinite Throat Center, the possessor of the definite accordingly meets with resistance: “I will not speak or do as you do. I won’t say anything at all, I’ll ignore you. Better yet, I will do the opposite.”

And then the counter blackmail begins: “But if you still want me to speak your language, do this, this, and this for me.

In this way, the owner of the indefinite Throat Center draws attention to himself by demonstratively not wanting to talk on topics that are interesting to his opponent with a certain Throat. He is trying to show that he has his own way of expressing and living life.

G Center Energy Blackmail

People with a certain G center don’t usually have questions like, “Who am I? What is love? What do I do? What do I do?” They have an inner sense of their path-the direction their stream of life is taking. At the same time, people with an undefined G center, on the contrary, spend their lives looking for their way, “intercepting” the direction of others, which changes from person to person.

A certain G wants a reflection of one’s direction, one’s love, one’s sense of the world. The blackmail of a certain G center manifests itself in this way: “Be like me. Go in the same direction that I go. Otherwise you’ll just get lost in the diversity of the world, you won’t find yourself, and no one will love you as I do. There are many different roads around, but only mine is the right one. Walk it with me.

The wisdom potential of the indeterminate G center is to explore different paths, to try all possible directions. But in blackmail, the definite G “doesn’t want” it that way. He is not interested in receiving such a reflection, because often from the indeterminate G’s side it looks like, “Your way is good, but it’s not right for me.”

Accordingly, in response to the blackmail of the definite G center, the possessor of the indefinite G responds, and sometimes even worse. The blackmail of the person with an indefinite G is blackmail in reverse–it is as if he were saying, “I will not follow you. I won’t do your classes. You want me to do what you do? So give me what I want: attention, love, sex, and so on.”

Energy Blackmail of the Heart Center

Since the Heart Center is directly related to survival on the material plane, the owner of a certain Ego blackmails the owner of an indefinite one as follows: “Work like me. Make money. Prove you’re worth something!”

For example, a woman with a definite Heart Center is likely to demand from a man with an indefinite Ego proof “that he is a man,” trying to pressure him from a material point of view. She will say, “Go out and earn a car, an apartment, and travel.” This is very strong blackmail.

The Indeterminate Heart Center has developed its own response to blackmail–a strategy of false promises. The definite Ego always presses the indefinite, “Promise me!” and the indefinite Ego, which needs to be unhooked from it, defends itself: “I’ll promise to get you off my back, but I’m absolutely not going to do it.” But this is not yet a blackmail strategy.

The indeterminate ego responds to blackmail by saying, “I won’t make money, save money, take care of you unless you do this, this, and this.

Energetic Blackmail of the Spleen Center

The Spleen Center is associated with a person’s most primitive, primal fears–the fears of survival. In a way, it is a built-in human survival system.

If someone with an undetermined Spleen Center suddenly appears in the life of a person with an undetermined Spleen Center, they will feel, “Finally, I’ve found what I’ve been looking for – I feel great around him or her. And this is where the easiest and just as primitive blackmail opportunity is hidden.

A person with a determined Spleen Center blackmails a partner with an undetermined Spleen with just a hint: “If you don’t do this, I’ll leave you. You can’t handle your fears and you just won’t survive.” At the same time, “this and this” may not be the most pleasant/desirable thing for a person with an undetermined Center, but he is only terrified by the realization that he may be alone and fear will come back on top of him.

At the same time the answer of the owner of the indeterminate Spleen Center in this blackmail is: I don’t need you. If you won’t do what I need you to do, I don’t need you. For example: “I don’t need you, I don’t need you. Since you won’t give me what I need, I’ll be on my own and won’t need you.”

But this is a bluff because when the Definite Spleen says, “That’s it, I’m fed up with you, I’m leaving,” everything falls into place and the owner of the Undefined Spleen Center is willing to do almost anything just to stay with a feeling of security.

Energy Blackmail of the Sacred Center

The Sacral Center is the bearer of life force, the battery that enables you to move and work a lot. The possessor of a certain Sacral Center blackmails someone who does not have one, in the following way: “I am the source of power and you can’t survive without me. But since I am working, you also have to work, and preferably several times more than I do. I may be a slave, but you will be my super slave. Work like me.”

The point is that on the mechanical level there is this illusion that if you make a certain Sacral Center work, be a super slave, then a certain Sacral Center will stop being a slave. But this is an illusion.

But the owner of the indefinite Sacral Center is not left out either. In return, he deprives the owner of a certain Sacral of the most important thing – the request. After all, the Generators’ strategy is to wait for a response, but for there to be a response, there has to be a request. And when an indefinite Sacral Center says: “I won’t ask you and see how you will live without responding,” it is obviously not the best development for a certain Sacral Center.

Energy Blackmail of the Solar Plexus Center

The Solar Plexus Center is the center of emotion, the source of pain and pleasure at the same time. There’s a similar “grip” to the spleen grip, only in a different way. Everything here is tied to emotionality.
In most cases, the indeterminate Solar Plexus wants to experience pleasure, joy, hope, excitement, not pain. But it doesn’t work that way, because the emotional tide goes up and down and you have to take both sides of the coin.

So a certain Solar Plexus blackmail is, “Feel like me. Feel like me. Otherwise you’ll get pain, not pleasure.” This blackmail is one of the most powerful, but it is important to remember that it does not happen on purpose, but purely mechanically.

And the indeterminate center of the Solar Plexus responds to the blackmail by resisting: “I will be indifferent. I won’t feel or reflect you. I will be cold. Your emotions don’t bother me.”

Root Center Energy Blackmail

People who have a certain Root Center have their own constant fuel, which gives them a fixed way of coping with stress. Being in the aura of someone with a certain Root Center, someone with an undefined Root Center will feel as if some weight has been lifted from their shoulders. And, in this connection, the undefined Root Center falls under quite powerful blackmail: since the defined Root Center has its own tempo, its own “scheme,” it “wants” the owner of the undefined Root Center to follow the same: “Do it at my tempo, or I will leave, and you will be left alone with the stresses.

Here the Indeterminate Root Center has two choices: break down and submit without enduring this pressure, or do nothing and confront it in your own way: “I’ll do everything, but later,” or “Stop pressuring me, or I’ll refuse to do anything at all.

This is the mechanics of interaction between Centers. Any definite Center “wants to get” an indefinite one. And any undefined one will resist it. By understanding and noticing how this interaction occurs, manipulation and quarrels can be minimized in any relationship.

Sometimes two “blackmailers” meet, two definite Centers. And mechanically in this case there is no blackmail, rather there is a commonality of energy. For example, two people with a certain Ajna may each stay with their own opinions. Or two partners with a certain Throat Center will both try to put the last point in the conversation. They are both a force in this case, and will probably feel a certain kinship, even if their Centers are defined quite differently.

Friends, once we start experimenting with our mechanics, we inevitably encounter energy blackmail. We live among people, and blackmail issues are primarily concerned with our personal and family relationships, for in most cases it is in these that we spend most of our free time.

However, there is no need to give energy blackmail in relationships some mysterious meaning and give it your moral evaluation. It’s just a mechanical process that happens whether you want it to or not. Just look at your partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and try to understand without appreciation what kind of “beings” you have to communicate with? How do they condition you? And how do you condition them?

By giving yourself answers to these and similar questions you will get even closer to a conscious relationship, because it is the understanding and acceptance of your own nature that also allows you to fully understand and accept the nature of any partner/friend/relative, etc. And you can hardly see anything more bitter in a relationship than two people who don’t know or understand themselves at all, yet think they can change the other person.

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