Today I would like to talk about empathy in Human Design. What it is? In short, it is the ability to consciously empathize with your interlocutor. It is consciously, that is, with the ability to control this process. Can Empathy Be Learned? Definitely yes. In fact, this is a common skill that you can develop in yourself. At least from the point of view of psychology. But let’s see how empathy works from a Human Design perspective.

Defined Emotional Center

There are approximately equal numbers of people in the world with a definite and indefinite Emotional Center, and they are very dependent on each other. We subconsciously look for opposites in order to compensate for the lack of this or that energy or, on the contrary, to share those qualities that we have in abundance. This is exactly what happens with open and defined Centers. Including the Emotional. That is, a person with a certain Emotional Center will look for someone whose Center is not defined and vice versa. Such people complement and reinforce each other, and to the same extent they have dependence on each other.

Empathy in Human Design

What are the features of a particular Emotional Center? First of all, such people are distinguished by emotionality in the most global sense of the word. They are constantly riding the crests of emotional waves. Staying at its peak, then at the decline. Experiencing first joy, then dejection. And by their moods they influence people whose Emotional Center is not defined. They seem to impose their moods on them. Those, in turn, being vulnerable in terms of emotion, sometimes simply do not know what to do with it. They absorb the emotions of the interlocutor. They let them pass through themselves and live with double strength. And at the same time I can not control my condition in any way … 

If you belong to the category of people with a certain Emotional Center, then you need to learn that it is you who are responsible for what mood prevails in your team or group. Feeling insecure or apathetic? Then the people around you will experience similar emotions. If you are in a good mood, then those around you will also be in a good mood. Do you see how it works? You subconsciously influence those around you. And at the same time they may not even understand what is happening to them. And they will think that they are in a bad mood. That they are sad. And you have nothing to do with it.

Open Emotional Center

What about people with an undefined Emotional Center? How to learn to cope with other people’s emotions? How not to absorb other people’s moods? And how can these processes be controlled?  

In fact, the influence of people with a certain Emotional Center sometimes has a very destructive effect on the lives of those whose Emotional Center is not defined. Not knowing about the reasons for their mood swings, and even more so not being able to somehow control this process, many people belonging to the second category try to avoid the manifestation of any emotions altogether. They either suppress them, or avoid contact with the outside world. In this way, they try to restore emotional stability and peace of mind. But this is incorrect.

In the undefined Center lies a very deep potential for conditioning and for wisdom, if used correctly. In the stream of those emotions that daily pass through people with an undefined Solar Plexus Center, it is very difficult for them to recognize their own reactions and moods. Gradually, they begin to identify themselves with the influence that people with a certain Emotional Center have on them. Can they avoid it? Of course yes. 

And first of all, they must understand the mechanism of work of the Emotional Center. Then learn to follow your Strategy and trust your Inner Authority. And only then accept the fact that most of the emotions they experience during the day are not their own. Then they will have amazing abilities for empathy. They can simply read other people’s moods, feel the emotions of others. Without trying to evaluate them somehow. And in this way they will be able to give feedback to people with a certain Emotional Center. After all, sometimes they miss it so much …

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