Emotional intelligence and ecological living of emotions begins with the study of one’s emotional waves – on the rave map, they are indicated in the form of black and red channels. Channels are peculiar lines that connect one energy center to another. They are reminiscent of the arteries in our body and act in a similar way – thanks to them, the energy harmoniously flows from one particular center to another, making our body healthy and active.

There are three types of channels: individual, collective and tribal.

And there are also three types of emotional waves in Human Design: individual, collective and tribal.

If we talk about the channels that come from the center of the Solar Plexus, they not only connect the two centers with each other, but also give birth to special biochemical impulses in our body – emotional waves. Emotional waves, just like channels, come in tribal, collective and individual forms, and show exactly how your body creates and “spits out” emotional energy.

An emotional wave is the specific mechanics of our emotions and feelings, which is expressed as amplitude and has its own rhythm and frequency (like a heart). Where the amplitude (wave) is calm and steady is a state of emotional awareness, and where the amplitude is crooked and jumping is peaks of emotional excitement or decline.

Emotionalists live these lows and highs of the emotional wave. The bottom of the wave is a state of crush, “leave me alone,” snot on my pillow, or wild rage. The top of the wave is excitement, enthusiasm, and a desire to be the soul of the company. Of course, one wants to stay in the sweet and active state longer – and this is the biggest False Self of Emotionals!

Individual Wave

Sharp mood swings (from happiness to universal sadness), falling in love and romanticism are all about Emotionals with an Individual Wave. The frequency of this wave is very sharp, and the cycle up and down can be repeated several times a day or even a whole week.

Individuals love music and everything associated with it. Be sure they always have headphones in their bag and a playlist of 1500 tracks for every mood. Because of their good hearing, individuals often play musical instruments or sing, and can “count” a person by his voice and the way he speaks. Very sensitive to criticism and in general words to their address, are very attentive to what and how they are told. Sexually – it is audial, which love when they whisper something soft in his ear, share fantasies and caress the earlobes.

Individuals are the most sensitive and nervous of all Emotionals, and it’s important for them to live their low waves alone. Basically, they won’t even want to hang out or talk to anyone when their emotions are drained – such an Emotional will lock himself in his room, cancel all meetings and play heartbreaking music throughout the house.

Emotional waves in Human Design

On top of the waves, the opposite is very sensual emotion, romance and flirting. For us individuals, falling in love is an emotional experience; you don’t have to cling to every person that makes your heart race a little faster. The peak of the wave will pass – the feeling will pass, so choose a partner (profession, job) only after the test of time.

The channels that produce an individual emotional wave are 39-55 (the Emoting Channel) and 12-22 (the Openness Channel). If you have at least one of these channels in your chart, you are living an auditory and super-varying emotionality.

Collective Wave

The most interesting and unpredictable emotional wave is the collective wave. Such Emotionalists live expectations, fantasies, and dreams, from hope to deep despair and the collapse of everything they have fantasized in their heads.

The collective wave is called an abstract wave because of its jumpiness and unpredictability – “how high will the rise be this time? And the fall?” But I can tell you from experience: the more you set up rose castles in your head, the more painful and destructive their fall will be.

Because of their high propensity for fantasy, collective emotionals are very creative people. They need visual contact with the world (or fantasizing within themselves) – through drawing, design, photography, writing, creating something beautiful. It’s not uncommon for collective emotionals to make great designers, architects, poets, and writers.

Collective emotionals often look at the world through the prism of their inner projections-and that’s okay. It is important to learn not to get caught up in things that haven’t even happened yet, and not to set high expectations where there is not even a hint of it.

The collapse of all hopes and “I wish things were different” begins at the bottom of the wave. Since the wave is collective, its energy is directed at society, so society and circumstances will be blamed for unfulfilled dreams, and even the people closest to you will get it.

The channels of the collective emotional wave are 41-30 (Recognition Channel) and 35-36 (Transience Channel).

Tribal Wave

Whereas the individual wave is selfish and is meant to influence others with its emotions, the collective wave is meant to be part of a community, the tribal wave extends only to loved ones, family and partners. It is the wave of cruelty and tenderness, violence and sex.

It is the most aggressive and at the same time the most corporeal Wave. You want to live it through your whole body, and very often in contact with people close to you. The top of the wave is passion, heat, sexual excitement and the desire to actively express themselves in the world: through sports (especially team sports), dancing and sex. A very creative and relational wave – this is where friction between people (of an erotic or social nature) occurs. Sexually, such Emotionalists are tactile, they like both gentle and rough touching, up to biting, slapping and all the hottest stuff šŸ™‚ A wave of animal instincts and reproduction.

At the bottom of the wave tribal emotions manifest themselves in the form of destructive aggression, rage, and it is very important to give them an outlet through physical action, be it hitting pillows and walls, boxing, dancing, emotional sports games (soccer, basketball), sometimes it is useful to just yell, but preferably do it alone and not at another person.

The bane of many emotionalists is holding back their natural aggression and sexual energy. The energy of the tribal wave, if it is not lived, does not go anywhere – it accumulates until it bursts out, but only in the form of cruelty and violence. The constant swearing in families, the beating of children, sexual violence and even murder are all the result of aggression that has been crushed and not expressed in an environmentally friendly way into the world. Don’t play with primal energies – the price can be too high.

The good news is that the emotional tribal wave will come over you for a short time, 10-15 minutes of rage, and then you can relax and get a high from the satisfaction of your needs.

Tribal Emotionalists also pay a lot of attention to the needs and desires of “their tribe,” that is, the people they trust and consider part of the family. They are empaths who like to care for and protect “their” partner. Therefore, relationships and sex for such people is a super-intimate, sacred topic, one-night stands and all sorts of experiments are definitely not about them.

Channels that form tribal emotions are 19-49 (Synthesis Channel), by the way, one of the bloodiest channels, 6-59 (Intimacy Channel), 37-40 (Community Channel).

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