How to Live Emotional Center False Self?

Emotional Center is one of the most complicated in terms of interaction. It is in Emotional Center that psychological co-dependency is born. And it is through emotional chemistry that serious conflicts arise between people, or conversely the deepest empathy, which is almost impossible to explain logically.

To effectively live the False Self of open Emotional Center is quite simple. What do you need to do to do this?

For starters, try to communicate as much as possible with those in defined Emotional Center, especially during those times when they are in a low emotional state and are in a terrible mood. Be sure to try to comfort them and give them proper support. Even if they frankly tell you they don’t want to see you, keep supporting them anyway! Don’t give up on them under any circumstances!

Say, you are at work and some of your colleagues suddenly turns out to be in a bad mood. Go up to him and try to explain that everything is not so bad. Communicate with him until he is smiling again, even if you know very well that in the near future it will definitely not happen!

Emotional Center False Self

Another important point: if any of your friends, family or colleagues are in a bad mood, be sure to blame yourself for the fact that it’s because of you they are in a bad mood. After all, if you had behaved differently, surely they would be happy and smiling. But you said something or did something, and after that things got dramatically worse. And you alone are responsible for it.

Also, don’t forget to always keep your emotions to yourself. If someone talks to you rudely and you do not like it, on no account think to say so to your partner! Your task: to keep an external calm. And never mind that this restraint can turn out for you many years of trips to the psychologist or even neuroticism.

Ideally, you should have no emotions at all. The complete absence of any feelings – that’s what you need to strive for. If you suddenly feel that you begin to feel anger, frustration, joy or ecstasy, try as soon as possible to suppress these feelings. And let no one guess that you too can feel something.

What if you have defined Emotional Center?

It’s a little bit more complicated than that. But here’s a secret trick for you: try to control your emotional wave. Better yet: try to change your emotional state.

Say you suddenly feel sad. Try to understand the causes of this state. Do not allow yourself to stay in the mood, which here and now is the correct for you! In any case, do not isolate yourself! On the contrary, communicate as much as possible and with everyone in a row. Broadcast your state to everyone you can. After all, you should not be so that you feel bad, and someone nearby is good! And then believe me, the result is not long in coming. First, you will ruin relationships with loved ones. And secondly you will earn yourself a neurosis.

The main thing: follow your goal clearly and do not give up! You don’t want to accept yourself the way you are, right?

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