About half of the population has a specific Emotional Center. Such people have an emotional impact on everyone else – those whose Emotional Center is not defined. Some of them may have Inner Emotional Authority. The secret of making correct decisions for such people is to wait for a state of emotional calm and calmness. 

Emotional wave: what is it and how to recognize it?

The key concept for people with Emotional Authority is the so-called Emotional Wave. It is quite easy to recognize it: when a certain emotion comes up, a person can be either at the peak of joy or in deep sadness: in other words, at the top or bottom of the emotional wave. However, neither one nor the other state is correct from the point of view of making important decisions.

In fact, it turns out that when a person with Inner Emotional Authority at the moment perceives something, he always does it through a certain filter: painting everything either in very bright or, on the contrary, in depressing colors. In the moment, neither state is true. It is for this reason that timing is a key factor for people with Inner Emotional Authority. The wave approaches and recedes, but before a complete emotional calm reigns, it will take hours, and maybe days … 

Without a doubt, people with Emotional Authority (and indeed with a certain Emotional Center) have tremendous joy in life. They can experience the full spectrum of human emotions: from pain to pleasure, from incredible joy, ecstasy and euphoria to extreme sadness and disappointment. And what is most interesting: such people can have an emotional impact on others and observe the results of their creativity. 

Emotional Authority Human Design

If a person with Emotional Authority does not allow himself to purely and honestly live his feelings, whatever they may be, then he will hardly be able to get to the bottom of his inner emotional truth. 

Well, if he allows himself to experience the entire spectrum of feelings, then the most difficult thing to learn is to give himself time. Why? Because emotionality is an incredibly powerful chemistry that transforms our perception of reality. Sometimes on emotions we are literally ready to move mountains. And the main danger is that in such a state you just want to start making fateful decisions: leave your job and open your own business, enter into new relationships or break existing ones, move to another country, do charity work, etc. However, decisions made on emotions can often be regretted. 

It is imperative for a person with Emotional Authority to give themselves time to see the full picture. And seeing this three-dimensional picture, perceiving a situation, a person, a proposal as a whole – both at the top of his emotional state and below – to understand how he actually feels about this, regardless of his emotional state. This is emotional clarity.

There is another very powerful factor. It’s called nervousness. What does this mean? The issues that are really important to a person with Emotional Authority tend to affect them very strongly. And trying to make a decision on this or that issue, he begins to get nervous. And if he is nervous, then sooner or later his state will stabilize and he gets the very flash of awareness behind which his emotional truth stands.

Nervousness is an integral part of the behavior of emotional people. But when a moment of emotional clarity comes, it suddenly dies down. Yes, emotions continue to move up and down, but the nervousness subsides. And only in this state can you see the overall objective picture.


In a word, if nature has endowed you with Emotional Authority, learn to give yourself time and accept completely and unconditionally absolutely any of your emotions: whatever it may be. After all, each new state carries something important in itself. Therefore, no matter what feeling comes to you, live it without a trace, calm down and get ready for new sensations and new experiences.

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