Today we’re going to talk about how to live Ego Center False Self. In some ways the Ego Center can be called the most vulnerable because it is responsible for our self-esteem. Open Ego Center is always about self-esteem problems and the inability to adequately assess one’s own strengths.

How does one most effectively live False Self of open Ego Center?

It’s pretty simple. The most important thing you have to do is to constantly compete with everyone and prove to everyone that you too can do something. If there is someone on your team who manages to do more things in a day than you do, be sure to try to be better than them and perform better! If it knocks you out, that’s okay! Keep up the good work! Stay late at work, take your work home, stop giving time to your loved ones altogether. This way you’ll have a much better chance of taking the top spot in your team and achieving everything you dream of!

Another important point: try as often as possible to attend training and seminars to improve self-esteem. Don’t try to choose the best course for you, but just register for all of them indiscriminately! So your self-esteem will never go up and you’ll be constantly working on it.

False Self Ego Center

Among other things, you also need to constantly participate in competitions especially in areas that are not core and key for you. So you will always be in last place and your self-esteem will soon be at zero.

Also, be sure to listen to people who say that you are not able to do something, emphasizing your shortcomings. Listen to them carefully and then start proving them wrong. How, exactly? Work harder and better. Engage in what you are not good at. Make decisions out of Mindfulness, not Strategy and Authority. After all, it is the Mind that encourages you to prove to everyone else that you are cooler and better.

Finally, in order to live the energy of open Ego Center incorrectly, you need to make as many promises to others as possible, preferably ones that you cannot keep.

For example, a client approaches you with a request to fulfill an important order. You doubt very much that you will be able to do so. Promise the customer to fulfill this order and to a specific time. And then do everything possible to keep this promise.

What to do if you have defined Ego Center?

In this case the situation is a little bit more complicated. The fact is that by nature you have no problems with self-esteem and you are usually able to adequately assess your own strengths. Yet there is one way in which you might distort the energy of Ego Center.

Try to humiliate everyone who you think is inferior to you in some way. Point out these people’s shortcomings, thereby lowering their self-esteem. Don’t be afraid to appear tactless! You do because you want the best for your loved ones, right? It’s okay if you insult them a little. But after that, they’ll immediately start working on themselves, improving the qualities you’ve pointed out to them!

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