Now you’ll learn about what destination means by date of birth and a simple way to understand your own with a special tool.

The main question of human existence over the centuries has been: “What are we living for?” It would be rather sad if life would really be meaningless, and all our efforts would be just aimless pastime.

Therefore, each person frantically seeks his destiny in the world around him, without even realizing that everything that is needed is already inside. Someone inspires the idea that the meaning of life in money and pleasures, blindly indulging in earthly pleasures. Others see the point in serving others, and therefore want to see in each of their actions a benefit to society. Still others seek to create a family and continue their family, thereby fulfilling their “mission”.

But most people are united in one thing – they are looking for meaning in the outside world, not the inner one. In one way or another, it is important for them to get someone else’s approval, but any actions based on this motive are initially incorrect. After all, mission is something that cannot be imposed by other people; it is a unique feature of every person.

And those who have begun to understand the futility of seeking meaning in the outside world turn to esotericism. The word esotericism from ancient Greek: “ἐσωτεριχός” means “internal”. Esotericism is an appeal to your inner “I” and recognition of yourself as a special person with a unique purpose.

Destination by date of birth Human Design

And one of the most important landmarks on the path of realizing your own destiny is your birth number. In Human Design, compared to other esoteric practices, birthday has a slightly greater meaning. Unlike the same numerology, which considers only numbers for the sake of numbers, Human Design determines the position of the planets at the time of a person’s birth by date.

No less important is the place where he was born. Based on these data, we can say how it was affected by the neutrino flux emitted by the Sun and the planets of the solar system and how exactly this effect will be expressed in human life.

The Age of Total Ignorance

We live in the most comfortable era in the history of mankind. Never before has human existence been as carefree as it is now. Warm heated dwellings, excellent medicine, an excess of food … But, once and for all, having dealt with issues of survival, we faced much more pressing problems. Now in the first place is the problem of awareness of the meaninglessness of one’s own life, which entails consequences not only for each individual person, but for all of humanity as a whole.

The era of total ignorance has come in the world. Our ancestors lived on the idea of ​​improving the outside world so that we could live in peace, without focusing on issues of survival. But when the world was already sufficiently “rebuilt” for human life, we completely forgot about why all this was done. Why do we need so much comfort and convenience if we absolutely do not understand how to use it?

People have absolutely no idea what they really want and what they are for, trying to “peep” each other’s answers to these questions. As a result, each person invents a meaning for himself. Rather, he doesn’t even invent, but synthesizes, taking as a basis other people’s thoughts and desires.

And now mankind lives in a kingdom of illusions that they themselves created, in which they themselves believed. Intertwined, our little illusions turn into one huge, massive “hallucination” of the distorted world, where the means began to be taken for the purpose, and the meaning remained hidden from our eyes. And there is one reason for everything – society is moving outside instead of going deeper inside. Having lost the integrity of our own nature, we are trying to find the “missing” in the man-made world, being disappointed from time to time.

That’s funny – the more intellectually developed we become, the more difficult life actually becomes. This, of course, is not about the issues of physical survival, but about more subtle, “mental” processes. Inner harmony cannot be achieved with money and fame; a feeling of satisfaction with life does not depend on how many material wealth you have. In pursuit of happiness, the Mind moves only towards a self-created illusion, variable and unstable. In the Human Design system, your Open Centers are responsible for this.

Destination by date of birth Human Design

There is no and cannot be any happiness in the outside world. In it there are only objects of the material world and only. The existential crisis is only a reflection of the contradiction of the inability to grasp the mirage created by Mind. Therefore, there is no point in looking for “destination” with the Mind – you need to dig much deeper than consciousness.

As never before, every representative of humanity must deal with the issues of transforming his inner world. And if we want to find our destiny, then for starters we need to leave false beliefs about the common good and tune in to search exclusively for our own, unique “meaning”. And you have the opportunity to find out your purpose by date of birth using the unique science of Human Design. Although this proposal may seem rather strange at first glance, do not rush to be a skeptic prematurely.

What is the purpose

To begin with, we should understand what exactly this “purpose” is and what exactly it is expressed in. Each person considers the suffering that befell him the greatest – said Hesse and was absolutely right in this. No one can recognize the burden of other people’s suffering on himself, which means there is nothing to compare with. There is only own pain, own torment, and this is true for every person. This is true uniqueness. And at the same time, each person has his own path to happiness, completely different from others. And there is no greater happiness than living and acting according to what you were born for.

The doctor will no doubt assume that his purpose is to save other people. But this is simply a job, and it is unlikely that he spends all his free time to help those in need outside the hospital. The purpose of man is not a hobby, not a job, not a favorite pastime. Destination is meaning, or call it the individual task with which you were born on Earth. And often, it has absolutely nothing to do with what you do in life.

Destination is a global goal for which you have been called into this world. Someone believes that it is formed according to your karma – in order to learn the lessons of past lives and get out of the wheel of samsara. Others believe that the mission is the best in which each person can manifest himself, on the basis of unique personality traits.

And others believe that this is the same “role” for a person, as workers, soldiers, a queen, and others are distributed in an ant family … But there is not a single teaching that says that a person should invent his own destiny, based on his life experience.

After all, even the word purpose means something that is predetermined for you from the very beginning, from your very birth. And therefore, to believe that you can determine your destination by date of birth is much more logical than if you thought up it for yourself. It is the greatest meaning of your existence, which will be manifested to one degree or another throughout life.

Either you live according to your nature and personally embody the will of fate, or you suffer from the fact that you go against it. There is no third. The Science of Human Design helps you to safely leave the false life route and embark on the path that you are destined for.

Destination by date of birth Human Design

Why you need to know your destination

The moment when a person’s true destiny is revealed to a person, he is able to be born truly. Not on the material plane, but in the spiritual. In every action, meaning appears and confidence is formed that everything you do is not just “fussing” the next representative of the human race, but real Cases of the real Man. Only at that moment when you go towards your destiny does life gain global value.

But of course, without this you can assume that everything in your life is going as it should. You may be satisfied with the current state of affairs and then there will be no motivation whatsoever for changing something and looking for your destiny. But think about it: do you not attract the same problems in your life, or maybe you are experiencing difficulties in a certain area?

Maybe you feel that there is a hidden potential within you, but you absolutely do not understand what exactly you can manifest yourself in? These are just one of the many symptoms that indicate that your mission is trying to draw your attention to yourself.

You do not need to be afraid of a feeling of dissatisfaction with life, and even more so to run away from it. It would be much better to approach him with full awareness. If you learn to accept everything that happens to you as your global mission, you will find that there are no reasons for internal conflicts in the world.

The restless Mind interprets what is happening and tries to find a logical background in everything. But the world is much simpler than it seems. Everything that happens to you is just a reflection of your inner world. Go towards your fate – and the whole Universe will favor you. If you resist your destiny, the whole world will turn against you until you return to the path you have been destined for.

Having determined your destiny by birth, you discover several possibilities at once. Firstly, you will be able to understand exactly what your strengths are, and what is the best way to direct your strength. It’s one thing – like a blind kitten constantly poking his nose into the walls, trying to “touch” to find the right direction. And it’s a completely different matter if you have clear instructions – what, how and why to do it. I assure you that this will save you a lot of time and mental energy.

Secondly, you will be able to meet face to face and understand the problems that you must face in life. After all, we determine not only the destination by the date of birth in itself, but also those things that you are destined to encounter. Anyone who is destined to realize himself through creative activity will certainly face periods of lack of inspiration and depression against this background. Those who are “written in kind” to be a leader and lead others, one way or another will have to enter into conflicts with people – sometimes to defend their position, sometimes to challenge someone else’s.

Discovering your destiny will simultaneously help you focus on those qualities that you need to develop to implement your space program, and at the same time open your eyes to the difficulties that you will have to face in life. Forewarned is forearmed. So, you do not have to “improvise” on the go and you will be ready for everything that lies ahead of you.

Destination by date of birth Human Design

Human Design System – the destination of a person by date of birth

First of all, in order to be able to discover your purpose, you must find inner freedom. To do this, you need to get rid of beliefs that limit your development, reject prejudices and learn to act contrary to stereotypes and patterns. In other words, you need to let go of your Mind and not allow it to dictate what and how you think. Otherwise, no matter how many truths are revealed before you, the hyperactive Mind will always find a reason for concern and doubt.

A person gains true happiness only when he acts according to his nature. And what connects us with nature? That’s right – our body. It is our guide to the inner world, and a much wiser source of knowledge compared to the Mind. Human Design (hereinafter referred to as PM) works specifically with the body. In the science of PM, we consider the effect of the number of births on destiny, how our personalities are formed under the influence of planets and the sun.

To one degree or another, many esoteric practices have examined the relationship between personality and numbers. In particular, the previously mentioned numerology determines human destiny by date of birth. Human design does not at all deny the merits of other doctrines, it only supplements them, synthesizes their knowledge into a single concept.

DC is based on several esoteric systems at once: astrology, Kabbalah, the ancient Chinese book of changes I Ching, as well as the Hindu system of chakras. Mixed with this are the principles of genetics, quantum physics and astronomy, supplemented by provisions from Buddhism and Hinduism, which in sum gives rise to the most complete and accurate science of self-knowledge to date.

Imagine for a second what would happen if you had the real instructions for your life in your hands. It would describe in detail what your strength and weakness are, what qualities are expressed, and which require development, in which you will find satisfaction with life, and what, on the contrary, will overwhelm you.

And you really have the opportunity to receive such instructions, which will be compiled personally for you. You can determine your birth destination by using the date and place where you were born. This data is a personal password that provides access to the wonderful world of your uniqueness.

No one will convince you, they say, your life will become much more eventful and interesting if you start to study Human Design. No, the doctrine of PM uses a primordially scientific approach based on empirical experience. As soon as you receive an “instruction” for your life – decoding of a Bodygraph, you will only receive an “invitation” to your own Experiment. Only having tried everything on your own experience, you can feel how your life is transformed.

These are impressions that it is useless to listen to friends or read reviews. They need to live on their own and the only way. The only guarantee is that internal conflicts will gradually begin to disappear from your life and it will become much easier for you to coexist with yourself. And you will have to discover everything else for yourself, during your own Experiment.

You can at any moment begin immersion in the uniqueness of your own “I”. All you need for this is the destination number, which coincides with the date of birth, and also the place where you were born. With this data, you can independently make the basic decoding of your Bodygraph – an individual personality card, having received the “initial” provisions about your “I”, and you will find out what exactly your mission in the world consists of.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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