In Human Design you often talk about so-called conditioning. What is conditioning in Human Design? If you can’t understand what it is and how this process can harm you, then let’s imagine the following picture.

A bear cub, has spent her whole life in a zoo. But at some point the bars were removed. She could have walked away in peace, but she can’t. She keeps going in circles, as she has done all her life. It’s as if nothing has changed in her life. The cell is gone in reality, but it remains in her head, in her muscles. How long will it be before the animal realizes it is free? How long will it be before the body’s memory wanes and she stops walking in circles in a prison that no longer exists? Probably a long time. Or all of this may not happen at all.

Conditioning in Human DesignHow long must it be before we realize that living the way we are used to is not at all necessary, but on the contrary, destructive.

How much time? A year, two years, seven years, maybe a lifetime? What needs to happen for us to realize: something has to change, and as before can no longer continue.

At first, we don’t even see the fencing iron bars. It seems to us that this is the norm. We simply got used to living this way, and it seems to us that we cannot live any other way. Then they tell us: you were in a cage, but now you’re free. Go out, live your life. And we can’t believe it. Our brain simply refuses to accept it. We resist reality by continuing to live the way you used to live. Then we look closely and notice that something has changed – the grid is gone. But what do we do now?

It’s so scary to find yourself in a world where you’re not protected, you don’t know what you are or if you can survive. It’s so scary that the environment will change, that everything that has been familiar since childhood will change, that the sense of self will change.

Day by day, step by step we try a new life, find ourselves on the edge of a precipice and make leaps into the unknown. This is the Experiment with its Strategy and Authority.

Sometimes we can even move away from the patterns “a few meters”, but everything new scares us and puts us back in our place, in a cage. And we go back to living our usual life. And only after a while we will be able to stay in freedom and not be afraid of every rustle. We will be able to feel our life force. We will be able to look at the place of our captivity and turn around and go to another life that is more natural for us.

There will be times when fears will return and the mind will make us react as if we were trapped again, but by then we know that the time of confinement is over. We are used to being ourselves, used to moving naturally along the road of life, and we are no longer trapped in a cage. We are free and ready to move on, but in a very different way.

Not everyone is ready to give up their established life. Not everyone even gets the chance to learn about their true nature. Not everyone is ready to step into the unknown and start a new life. But if you are not one of those people, be yourself in each moment, without devaluing the gifts that life has given you. Choose yourself.

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