If we calculate compatibility between two partners, they will have some common points in one way or another. In some ways, their Bodygraphs will be similar, and somewhere even identical. For example, partners can be of the same Type. Or they may have the same Profile. It is not excluded that they have three or four identical definite Centers. And maybe even some of the Channels will overlap. How to build companion relations competently? What’s good and bad about them? We will try to find the answer to this question in this article.

If you are fond of the Human Design system, then you probably came across the opinion that the most interesting relationships are electromagnetic: when nature attracts absolute opposites to each other, as a result of which a new form of energy is formed, from which interesting projects, knowledge, feelings and connections can be born. And in a sense, this is true.

Companion relations Human Design

But what if the partners have similar Bodygraphs or, as they say in ordinary life, have a lot in common? Is it that bad? And is it worth it in advance to put an end to such a relationship? Let’s try to figure it out.

What exactly can match in partners’ Bodygraphs?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to exactly in which aspects of the Bodygraph the partners have something in common. At some points, coincidences can be very useful. And in some, cause contradictions and mutual bewilderment.

Of course, in the first place, how companionship will affect your relationship depends on whether each of you follows Strategy and Authority and whether you accept the nature of your soul mate. Nevertheless, there are certain nuances here.

So, partners may have in common:

Defined Centers

Channels match: what to do?

When we talk about the so-called companion relationship, first of all we are talking about the coinciding Channels. I want to note right away that this is quite rare. Magnetic Monopole is not at all interested in bringing people with the same Channels together. After all, they will have little to learn from each other. But still, this option is not excluded.

Companion relations Human Design

What is a particular Channel talking about? About some kind of predisposition or talent. If two lovers have these talents the same, they should, as far as possible, separate their professional activities and overlap as little as possible on creative and business issues. Otherwise, a lot of contradictions will arise between them. One will suppress the other and vice versa. After all, the energy of the same Channel can manifest itself in different ways for different people. And each partner can prove their case.

Gates match: what to do?

This is perhaps the most harmless option for companionship. The Common Gate indicates that partners have common interests. Only. This means that they will have topics for conversation, they will be interested in the same questions and they will always have something to talk about. It can even be said that the more partners have matching Gates, the better.

Defined Centers match: what to do?

Coinciding certain Centers is always a very difficult moment. A certain Center indicates that we have some kind of fixed energy that does not lend itself to outside influence. And if someone tries to influence us in matters concerning our specific Centers, they will most likely meet with bewilderment and resistance. This means that partners with overlapping certain Centers need to behave with each other extremely tactfully, fully and unconditionally accepting each other’s position.

Let’s say both Partners have a specific Splenic Center. This means that each of them has good instruction and a clear attitude towards health and safety issues. This means that they may have very different opinions, for example, with regard to nutrition. One believes that one thing is useful, while the other strongly disagrees with this.

In this case, there is only one option: to accept each other’s positions, follow the Strategy and Authority, without trying to bend a partner under him.

Types match: what to do?

It all depends on the Type that you and your partner belong to. 

If both Generators are a very harmonious option. Both of you are full of energy and feel great when you spend time together and when you break up, too. Everyone has their own favourite thing, but there is something that resonates with both of you.

Companion relations Human DesignIf you are both Manifesting Generators, then you, too, can develop harmonious relationships, provided that you will find time not only for business, but also for each other.

If you are both Projectors, then you will be able to fully interact with each other, provided that each of you will be saturated with energy from third parties (relatives, friends, etc.).

If you are both Manifestoors, your relationship is hardly simple. But you can live in harmony if you keep each other informed about what you are going to do.

If you are both Reflectors, then I don’t even know how your relationship will develop. To be honest, I’m not at all sure that this is possible. But if it really happened, then both of you will reflect those around you. And each other too.

Profiles match: good or bad

Profile companionship is harmless and very interesting. It means that you will live according to the same scenarios, play similar roles. This means that you will be able to understand each other in global life issues.


Here’s the top secret for couples with similar Bodygraphs. You must be prepared for the fact that in the life of each of you people with a completely opposite Design will meet. For example, if both of you have Defined Emotional Center, it is quite natural that both of you will from time to time intersect with people who have this Center open. Or, for example, if you both have a certain Channel defined, you will periodically meet those for whom it is not defined in order to share your fixed energy with these people and hear feedback from them.

This is an absolutely natural process. Never try to resist it.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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