The Manifestor is an energetic Type, an example of a strong and independent personality. He can independently initiate events in his own life (and does not wait for an invitation for this). Most people feel uncomfortable around the Manifestors, as they react aggressively to any attempt to gain control over them. It’s not easy to create harmonic communication with Manifestor.

Communication with ManifestorManifestors have a dense and repulsive Aura, thanks to which they prevent any encroachment on their territory. But others may find them too straightforward. It is important to understand that the actions of the Manifesto are not directed at you personally. And this is one of the principles on which communication with the Manifestor should be based.

Communication with Manifestor

What rules to follow when interacting with the Manifesto:

  • do not tell the Manifesto what he should do, do not control him, then you will not meet with resistance from his side;
  • do not interfere with the Manifesto when he is busy with the embodiment of his ideas, do not interfere with him, let him be independent (as his nature requires);
  • any Manifestor is created to be a leader and initiator, so communication with him cannot be based on prohibitions (be it your partner, child or colleague);
  • treat the Manifesto with respect, communicate on an equal footing (even if it is your subordinate or a child);
  • any prohibition towards the Manifesto is important to explain and justify logically.

If you still want to direct the activities of the Manifesto in a certain direction, try to do it unobtrusively: ask leading questions, ask him, so that in the end he makes this decision on his own.

Reflector , Projector , Generator and Manifesting Generator must wait for the Manifesto to take the initiative. And then act in accordance with your own Strategy (whether or not to be included in what the Manifestoor does).

Strategy of Manifestor

If the Manifestor follows his Strategy (informing other people in advance before making a decision), then he succeeds in creating peaceful relations with people. You can ask him to alert you to his decisions and actions.

For example, your spouse, while watching the evening together, decided to go to the store, left the house without warning you. You will be worried, angry, and when he returns, for sure, tell him something unpleasant. He, in turn, will decide that they are trying to control him, and will also begin to show aggression. If he had warned you (“I’ll go away for 15 minutes, I’ll go to the store”), then you would have waited for him calmly. This is a simple example, but it clearly shows the features of interaction with the Manifestor.

If he ignores his nature, outbursts of anger, aggressive behavior towards other people, a desire to be alone and “close” from others are inevitable.

It is important for Manifestors and other Types to study their Design. This is necessary in order to understand how to effectively interact with each other, how to explore your nature.

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