What is the meaning of Channels of Collective Circuit? They are primarily responsible for our ability to share our skills, experience, talents and skills with the community. In common parlance, the collective outline determines our opportunities for professional and creative realization. One Channel equals one talent. And if this talent is included in the zone of the Collective Circuit, it can become one of the ways for you to find your purpose and bring professional value to this world. 

Collective Circuit is divided into: Understanding and Comprehension.

The Circuit of Understanding is associated with mental insights, insights, innovative views, beliefs and worldviews. 

The Circuit of Comprehension is more about personal experience, as a result of which new feelings, impressions and sensations are born. 

What Understanding Circuit is responsible for

A person with Channels in the area of ​​the Contour of Understanding shares his views and observations with the world. Moreover, as a rule, these views are something unusual and non-trivial for those around them. Such people think in an unconventional and non-standard way. However, for the society to accept their views, to see in them a perspective for the future, it will take time. 

What should a person do with certainty in the area of ​​the Contour of Understanding, if society is not yet ready for his innovative views? Alternatively: keep your personal blog and share your insights with the community in an unobtrusive, native way. This will help to unload thoughts at least a little and convey something important to people.

Collective Circuit Human Design

The most important thing in this case is that a person with such certainty does not transfer his views and insights to his loved ones and does not make hasty conclusions regarding certain events in his own life. The mind is given to him to interpret new information and generate new ideas. But not at all in order to make vital decisions. For this, he has a Strategy and Authority. Don’t forget about it.

What the Comprehension Circuit is responsible for 

If there is certainty in the card that relates to the contour of Comprehension, this means that it is especially important for such people to share with society their experiences and those feelings that arise after living something new. But in order for this practice to work correctly, you must first of all learn to honestly live the experience that happens. From day to day. 

The energy of living contains a rather powerful force, which is associated with the ability to go through the experience of human life with each of its cells. And be able to go into this life. 

The most important thing for the carriers of this circuit is, first of all, the ability to correctly enter each new experience of their life, that is, only when Strategy and Authority require it.

It is a very simple and at the same time very difficult task to enter the experience correctly. If you have Emotional Authority, wait. If Sacral – feel if you have energy and internal response. If Splenic, don’t analyze, just make a decision in the moment. 

However, when you have already made a decision, you should forget about any thoughts. Because there is no logic in what is happening in your life and cannot be. This is an absolutely illogical movement in life. Some circumstances will suddenly be revealed and you will now and then discover something new for yourself. But your job is to stay there until the very end.

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