It all seems so simple, as we have been told since childhood: choose a profession, go, study, start working, earn money, and grow in your career. Some people, simply following family traditions, say: “My great-grandfather was a baker, my grandfather was a baker, my father was a baker, and I should also be a baker, because it is written in our blood. Only for some reason it happens so that after a few generations such business comes to an end, because it turns out that this was not the vocation for the person who adopted the generational continuity. He turned out to be interested in something completely different, he was drawn to a completely different direction. And at this point, everyone says that he has lost his mind, because he is not following in the footsteps of his ancestors and not doing what is written in his birth. How can they know what will make that person happy?

Do what you love and love what you do!

Many parents try to send their children to study, not at the institute to which that child has an inclination, but where they think they can get an economically advantageous profession (whose holders get the highest salaries). And these students have to sit through lectures and exams for money. Yes, they get a diploma, get a job in their profession, and most immediately go to get a second degree, motivated by the fact that while they studied there were other more in-demand professions – even more remunerative. And again all over again: the institute – exams – the session – the diploma, and again the search for yourself and where to apply yourself.

Choose a profession

Once I drove one man up, and on the way we got to talking. He is a fairly successful businessman. If you look at it from the outside, he is doing great! He and his wife have great cars, an apartment, a house in the country, a good income, as they say, everything is there. Only I did not see a sparkle in his eyes, the joy of life. When I asked him, “You don’t have a twinkle in your eye, I guess you’re not very satisfied with what you have,” he told me that he had studied medicine, and the most wonderful time of his life was when he worked in his profession. He still wants to go back to medicine, but he can’t afford it because of the need to maintain the standard of living that his family and himself are used to. And from this he has a great dissatisfaction, which he periodically brightens up with alcohol.

White Collar and Blue Collar

The Human Design system avoids that eternal search for “Where there’s a better….” It helps you identify your talents and how best to develop them and in what direction, which professions you have a predisposition to and which you don’t, how exactly you can make a decision and know that this is what you need to do.

How do young people today choose their future profession? There are three ways.

  1. What kind of income will I get from what I do?
  2. Where will my parents, relatives, or close friends send me and help me?
  3. I choose my future profession myself!

Paths 1 and 2 are the conditionality of the outside world, the state. Way 3 is the way of trial and error, the way of intuition. It is much easier to choose a profession if you are 100% sure in the right decision. And such a decision is easy to make if you know exactly your strengths, your talents and where you are not very strong. Nothing happens in life today without a plan, without a program, without calculations.

And it is already clear to everyone that the entire population of the planet is divided into “white” and “blue-collar” people. “Whites” work in offices, using mostly diplomas and the throat center. “Blues” work at the machine, they mostly exploit their physical capabilities.

A man, when he receives his body to live in, already has a program by which he will make money. The right occupation brings not only the “money we love so much,” but also the happiness of creation, and here it does not matter whether you are a “white” or “blue” collar.

Human Design: The Four Types of People

The Design of Man determines what type of person a person is. His decision-making program and inner authority depend on it. Our whole life consists of decisions made right or wrong for us. And here everyone strives to find “external authority,” although at birth each of us is equipped with a tool to make the right decisions, important just for us, for our happy life and favorite profession.

The root of everything that happens to us in life is what type is inherent in our living program. There are four types of people living on Earth, regardless of gender, color, nationality, age or creed.

The most common, the “salt of the earth”, are Generators (70%), which, in turn, are divided into Generators and Manifesting Generators (35% and 35%); then come Projectors (21%), who know best how to use the energy of Generators; Manifestors (8%), the lucky ones of this world and Reflectors (1%), a rare type, creatures “worth their weight in gold”.

Generators and Manifestors are energetic types that have their own energy, while Projectors and Reflectors are two non-energetic types that have very little or no energy of their own.

A simple question arises: aren’t there any blue-collar people among Projectors and Reflectors? Of course there are, they are completely conditioned people who do not live their lives. Their false selves transcend all reason. Manifestors are mostly executives from the past, their totalitarianism and the way they lead countries and companies are gradually losing ground. Future administrators and executives are Projectors. Analysts, arbiters, sages and advisers are Reflectors.

Who, then, is mostly able to work “on all fronts”? It is our little “deity” – the Generator!


Since the Generators are 70%, let’s start with them. They are all those who have a defined sacred center. If a Generator acts like a Manifestor, they meet disappointment in life. Must wait for suggestions, responding to them with the sacral center, their strategy is to initiate nothing and simply respond to all suggestions.

In order for a Generator to earn all the money intended for him, first of all, he must sincerely love what he does (the truth is not new). But only the Generator himself, without anyone’s prompting, by responding to his Sacral Center, can determine what his favorite profession is. The most important thing is to learn to respond to everything that is happening in your life not with your mind (right/wrong), but with your body – it will not let you down and knows 100% exactly what, where, with whom and when is right for you. Simple concepts, but amazingly working in this world!


The main purpose of Projectors (21%) is to initiate nothing in their lives, to wait for recognition and invitation, only then are their unique abilities to know how and where to direct the energies of other types revealed.

Now let’s go deeper into conditioning. In all people it is laid down before the age of 7 by their parents. Here’s a mother looking at her daughter – you’re going to be a ballerina, no, better a singer, no, a model, no, you’re going to be a figure skater. Mom has no idea that the girl was born a Projector (no energy) and Profile 1 in her personality is an explorer, gets to everything herself, an authoritarian leader, a very bossy person, striving to create. The 3 in the subconscious is a martyr, living her life through mistakes. She is scolded for mistakes made, punished, but she cannot do otherwise, she must make mistakes. She is an anarchist and a pessimist. But most importantly, she is a Projector – she must be taught not to initiate anything in this life, but to wait (for us the scary word “wait” – you have to run somewhere!) for recognition and an invitation, then she has unique abilities and opportunities to be successful. After all, the Projector came to this earth to be successful, but only when it is recognized!


These are uncontrollable people (8%). They have great energy in endeavors, bringing change to the world. Manifestor children are the hardest hit – parents and society consider them hard to raise. They live a normal life if they learn to inform before any action (if not informed, they are accompanied by anger).

What are the choices for the Manifestor? First learn to inform everyone and everything about what he is going to do (and he always knows what he needs to do), and do what he wants to do. Mostly Manifestors are people who let a message go out into the world; they are good at short distances. A prime example is orators: they gave a speech, the speech ended in an appeal, and the mass of people began to act afterwards.

It must be said that in the past Manifestors were tribal leaders, kings, kings, presidents, etc. Now we see that the Manifesto style of management is being replaced by a completely different system – a system of accounting and redistribution of the forces and capabilities of the entire collective. And how to use the energy best of all is known to the Projectors, which is why it is now more and more common to see “gray cardinals” at the helm rather than Manifesting leaders.


Finally, the Reflector (1%)-a person who has no internal authority and is completely open to external conditioning.

This is a completely non-energetic Type. The Reflector is open and receives conditioning in all centers. Such people are very aware of what is going on and can be very wise. The Moon is the only authority for them, and they have to wait for the passage of the full cycle of the Moon – 28.5 days – before making a decision.

And most interestingly, he can make serious decisions only after the completion of the Lunar cycle, which is an average of 28.5 days. It is very important for such a person to know from childhood that he is a Reflector, that he is completely unsuited to physical labor. All his professions lie in the plane of analytics, adjustment, and consulting. They are unique child caretakers. By living their lives correctly, they become very wise and willing to share it.


A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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