Let’s talk about Body Human Design.

The entire Human Design system is tied to the Body and how it feels. The ability to listen to your body is the key to becoming in tune with your nature and living a happy and harmonious life. Our body is a very subtle instrument designed to respond to life and lead us in the right direction.

It is in the Body that our life is contained. It is the Body that knows what it needs to survive. It’s the Body that gives us the signals that we’re doing something wrong. And it can affect all areas of our life.

For example, work. How do you know if what you’re doing is good for you? It’s easy. You just watch how the body reacts. You go to your office and you start doing something. How does your Body react? The Body, not the Mind. Mind can deceive and create an illusion. The Mind can manipulate for supposed gain. But the Body never does that.

How to learn to listen to your body

The body is almost impossible to deceive. The body always behaves as honestly as possible. It either reacts or it stays still. You either have a reaction to what you’re doing, or you don’t.

Suppose you are Generator. Your greatest strength and secret to success is response. If you don’t have a response to a particular job, very soon you will face powerful frustration and start looking around for something new and more interesting.

Body Human Design

Most importantly, the response has to be real, not stimulated. And if you’re willing to accept it, even if it does not meet your expectations, then you will come to your pure satisfaction and you will finally be able to find a job to your liking.

Or let’s say you have Splenic¬†Authority. In this case, your Body knows everything about you. If you keep in touch with it, sooner or later you will learn to recognize its signals. Basically, the Spleen tries to communicate something to us when we are in danger. In this case, the Body begins to give us certain signals. Our job is to recognize them in the moment and not try to find a logical explanation for them.

Our body has nothing to do with logic. So when we experience certain feelings, we just have to trust them. If our body does not give any signals, most likely this means that nothing threatens us and we can safely go in the chosen direction.

The main thing is not to deceive ourselves and feel our body. It is always for us, it will not deceive us. And only our Mind can try to drown out its signals with its reasonable arguments, proofs and arguments.

For example, you are going to a job interview. And everything seems to be fine, but the moment you are about to leave the house, you have a sharp pain and you feel uncomfortable. This is the signal of your Body (Spleen), which tells you that you should not go to a job interview. Your Mind immediately comes into play and starts convincing you that you should not pay attention to any nonsense, because you have been dreaming of this job for so long and it is not good to cancel the interview an hour before it starts. And if at this point you will listen to your body, drowning out the arguments of your mind, you are more likely to make the right decision.

This leads to one simple conclusion. Listen to your body and always be in touch with it! You’d be surprised at the effect it can have on your life!

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