From the earliest times there have been sages in human society who felt the limitations to which our physical shell has conditioned us. The body is simply an instrument given to us for a time by nature. And although we can in various ways prolong its life, promote its health, and so on, in the end it does not belong to us and must be returned to the source from which it originated. This is why philosophers have tried to find themselves at deeper levels of being-not at the level of thoughts or feelings, for these too can be programmed by the external environment. These people sought a state of “awakening,” so-called nirvana, in which they could fully merge with the world around them, and cease to feel like separate entities from reality.

Although the term has many names, it is “awakening” that is most often used. It best exemplifies what is to be encountered. One will have to awaken from one’s dream, from illusions that have long been accepted as reality, and open up to real life in all its fullness. Words like “nirvana” or “enlightenment” can cause unwanted associations and lead a person’s understanding in a completely unnecessary direction. So let’s focus on awakening.

So let’s look at how Human Design looks at the question of awakening, and what points need to be realized.

The first and most important is the type of auric energy of each person. Depending on which Type we belong to, we have a totally unique and different way of interacting with the world and people around us, we perceive certain situations differently, as well as analyze events that happen to us. Without knowing your Type, it would be very difficult to achieve a state of awakening. It can be compared to the way that without knowing what this or that type of automobile equipment is used for, we would try to travel around the world in a tractor.

Therefore, let’s break down this aspect in detail, for each of Types.


There is nothing more important to Manifestor in this life than freedom. He cannot derive full satisfaction from his daily life and from himself if he is forced to obey or answer to someone. Only freedom allows Manifestor to manifest himself fully, and, as a consequence, to come to a fulfilled and awakened life.

But what exactly does freedom mean? Does this word say that Manifestor should be free to go wherever and whenever he wants, whenever he wants? Or does freedom mean that he is not dependent on anyone, and that there is no one in his life who restricts him? Actually, freedom from the point of view means, first of all, freedom of choice. No one should interfere with his decision-making process and he should plan any of his actions himself.

“I control my own destiny!” – this is the credo of any Manifestor. And in his case it is a question of constant and active contact with life. He cannot simply “let go of the reins and go with the flow. No, Manifestor must constantly react to the world around him and make choices in accordance with his Strategy – only in this way can he come to awakening.

Generator and Manifesting Generator

The way to awaken Generator is diametrically opposed. He must let life lead him, and all he has to do is learn to listen to his inner voice, using the Strategy of his Type. It is important to get rid of the imposed concept that decisions must be made “wisely.” No, not everyone and not always needs to listen to their mind in order to make a choice. It is much more important to learn to trust your intuition, your Response – only it can show what is really important to the Generator and what can be safely abandoned.

This is quite difficult to integrate into one’s life, that’s understandable. Everywhere you look these days, everyone is talking about how important it is to make the right “choices. But in the case of Generator, the only choice he needs to make is to consciously trust in the flow of life and listen to his feelings. For Generator, waiting is not only permissible, but even necessary. And if he will try to “copy” the style of existence of other Types, then no awakening is out of the question. Even more – Generator will simply get bogged down in unnecessary problems, which he himself will create.

Akawening Genetic Type


In the case of the Projector, the cornerstone is the understanding that he is designed to work with other people’s energies. Therefore, if I may say so, his life is much more dependent not on who he is, but on the kind of people he interacts with. That’s why it’s important to learn how to choose “high-quality” people who will appreciate his abilities and who will contribute to the growth of the Projector. The way to awaken Projector is through competent alliances and mutually beneficial cooperation with others.

The concept that we are all parts of a single whole is more important to the Projector than anyone else. And in order to achieve significant results, one person is not enough. The key to progress is interaction, and only through cooperation can people reach a new stage of development. But this is not easy to achieve in everyday life. The everyday life of Projectors is often filled with hardship and deprivation, largely because they are imposed with the wrong concepts of what they “should” be. Therefore, they indiscriminately grasp at any hand that is extended to them, without even thinking about how right it would be for them.

Projector, like Generator, needs to learn to wait. But it is not any situation that has to be waited for, but a suggested interaction, coming from another person. And the most interesting thing about it is that a Projector who has realized his real potential will never rush headlong into anything. He will carefully choose where to direct his potential and which people to cooperate with and whose invitations it is better to reject.

Therefore, the path to awakening Projector involves two aspects. The first is the skill of waiting for the person who will offer the right challenge for Projector. The second is the skill of “filtering” and the ability to recognize what would be satisfying for the Projector to participate in and what would be worth rejecting.


More than anyone else, Reflector embodies the popular Eastern concept that there is no “I,” that there is only life and we are all just a temporary form in which life is embodied. And the Reflectors in this regard are both harder and easier than everyone else. It is more complicated because people are social creatures, and they adapt to the society they live in. This is why it is so difficult for Reflectors to accept their own impersonal nature – they constantly want to be “someone”! In the modern world, such people will be treated very cautiously, if not cautiously, and therefore rarely do they allow themselves to “detach” from society in this way.

But on the other hand, it is very easy for Reflector to come to awakening. By constantly “reincarnating” in other people he can quickly come to understand how illusory the phenomenon of “personality” in which we so piously believe is. There is nothing permanent, immutable, unchanging about any of us. Life is a flow, a constant change, and we ourselves try to “wrap” it up in a set of stereotypes invented about ourselves. And if other Types can support their legend and believe in it sacredly during the whole life, it is very easy for Reflector, due to the mechanics of his aura, to look at it all “from the outside”, seeing and understanding that nothing is permanent. And, as a consequence, it is easiest for him to reject any attempts to “characterize” himself and simply accept his essence as a constantly changing stream of life.

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