How to properly live Ajna Center False Self.

Today we’re going to talk about Ajna Center. This is where our thoughts, new theories, and concepts are born. It is Ajna Center that helps us perceive and interpret new information.

People with open Ajna Center are in a vulnerable position in the sense that they often feel they are not smart enough. Their main task in life is to prove to everyone that they are not stupid and that they can even come up with their own theories and concepts.

But carriers of defined Ajna have no such problem. They almost never feel stupid. Moreover, in their heads, there is always some thought process going on, and these people are really able to think thoroughly and in detail about these or other issues.

The best thing you can do to support your False Self in open Ajna center is to cling to different concepts and ideas. Try to read as much information as you can, preferably from unverified sources. If you have an hour to spare, don’t waste it on relaxation! It is better to surf the Internet and look for new food for thought.

Choose any recognized system of views and stubbornly insist that it is the only true one. If someone contradicts you, be sure to enter into an argument with that person and strenuously prove him right. Cite any arguments, refer to famous personalities, give examples from life. In short, do everything not to look like a fool.

Ajna Center False Self

Don’t pass up an opportunity to read a new book, but be sure to share what you’ve learned.
No one should question your mental abilities. Honestly, everyone should be sure that you are the smartest person on the team.

When you dive into some new concept, it is absolutely no matter whether it is interesting to you or not. The main thing is to stick to this concept convincingly in the eyes of others. The rest is unimportant!

Once you’ve adopted a point of view, treat any alternative with contempt. There is only one correct opinion, and it is yours, because it is based on what some great and authoritative person said.

Well, you must know who that is.

If your Ajna center is defined, the task is more difficult, but still doable.
For an incorrect residence, it is only necessary to think a lot and tell everyone and everything about your thoughts, without waiting for them to mature and form. And so it’s just as clear, then wait?

There is no need to read and study something, books are for fools, and you have your own point of view on everything. Try not to fill your head with all kinds of book trash and useless knowledge. You know a lot yourself.

And of course, in order to live as effectively as possible through the False Self and incorrectness of Ajna Center, decisions should be made with your head. Only logic, only calculation, only proven methods. No intuition, much less Strategy and Authority! The most correct decisions are made with the Mind only, right? True, then we regret very much about it, but that’s okay.

Trust your mind, it knows exactly how you should live better

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