At what age should you go to Human Design? And in general, which role plays age in Human Design? Would it be correct if we plunge into this world – the world of our True Self, say, at thirty? Or is it too late? Or maybe, on the contrary, early? Or if you don’t live in harmony with your Design from the cradle, then it will be difficult to tune in to another wave and heal in a new way?

There are a lot of nuances here. But I want to say right away that to the question: “Does Human Design have age restrictions?” In this article, we will see why this is the case. Why you can come to Design at absolutely any age and the result in any scenario will depend on you and only on you.

How does it feel if you came to Human Design as a child?

Human Design is a science for children. The founder of the Ra Uru Hu system himself spoke about this. And this is correct – after all, if a child from birth will live in harmony with himself, using the talents that nature has endowed him with, trusting the world, and in making decisions guided by Strategy and Authority, he will have every chance to live a full and happy life – not through struggle, but through acceptance. But there is one nuance here.

Age in Human DesignThe point is that children themselves cannot come to Human Design. They need someone to lead them there. And most likely, they will be parents. Buying a children’s decryption is currently a very popular thing. Parents today are looking for ways to get to know their children better, learn to understand them and help them reach their full potential. They want to know as much as possible about their talents and vulnerabilities in order to have an idea of ​​the direction in which they should move both in life and professionally.

But can parents fully accept their child’s Design if they don’t know anything about their own Design? If they themselves are not at all used to and have never tried to be guided by Strategy and Authority? If a parent has studied his child’s Bodygraph well and knows about his true nature, but at the same time never thought to tune in with his own nature, can he convey to his child what it is like to trust life and turn off the Mind in time?

I am afraid that without a full understanding of our own nature, we will not be able to accept the Design of anyone else, including our own children. This means that if a child is brought to Human Design at a very young age, there is no guarantee that he will succeed. And that following his Design will become an integral part of his life. Because a lot in this case depends on the parents.

This is why the earlier the better principle does not work here.

And if you came in Human Design as an adult?

Well, if there are no guarantees for children, are there any guarantees for adults? Of course, if you come to Human Design in your youth, but do it consciously, with all responsibility, learn to follow Strategy and Authority and accept your nature without reservations and claims, then you will have a lot of time ahead to enjoy life and the ability to accept correct solutions. But if the inspiration hits you at the age of fifty or sixty, is it worth the regret that you did not know about the existence of Human Design before? Of course not. When you regret the past, it is difficult to start something new. Therefore, even if you are ninety and you have just learned about Human Design and decided to immerse yourself in the study of your own nature, do not think about anything – just enjoy the experiment!

There is one more nuance. From the point of view of the planets, there are four main astrological events in our life: the Return of Saturn, the Opposition of Uranus, the Return of Chiron and the Return of Saturn II. Each of the events entails serious changes and revision of life views. And it is during such periods that the probability of starting a new life turns out to be quite high. Every planet gives us a chance. And it’s up to us to decide whether to take this chance or not. But even if we accept all the changes that come into our lives, there is still no guarantee that we will be able to get along with our Design. After all, the Mind can lead us on the wrong path at any moment.

In a word, there is no such age that would be ideal to start living according to your Design. But on the other hand, Design has no age limit. Therefore, no matter what age you come to it, your task is to surrender to what is happening and not try to analyze the changes that will occur to you on a subconscious level, from the point of view of the Mind.

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