How does Immunity and Human Design correlate to each other?

A person comes into this world with a ready-made set of basic qualities and skills. The immune system is also a mandatory option for the baby’s body (we will not touch upon cases when malfunctions occur already at the prenatal stage, and the child is born little adapted to life).

As we grow older, under the influence of the external environment (infections, living conditions, stress, etc.), the immune system also develops. And somewhere by the age of 16-18 we already have a fully formed young man with a certain “margin of safety”, who sincerely believes that since he is healthy here and now, he will always remain so. Unfortunately, this is not the case. After all, we have a Mind that tells us how to act, and its messages often ignore the true needs of our body.

An ordinary person looks outside for the cause of his health problems, and Human Design advises to turn his gaze inward. We are all very, very different in our psychogenetic Type. For example, for many, making a promise and not fulfilling it is a common thing, but for the owner of an indefinite Heart Center, unfulfillable obligations are a huge stress that can affect their health.

Immunity and Human Design

Those who do not have a Root Center are constantly under pressure to act, hurry up, do more, faster, which under certain circumstances can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. That is, a person begins to live for wear and tear. It is difficult for people with an undefined Sacral center to stop in time, they do not understand when they have enough (sex, work, food), which is fraught with excesses.

Not only the Centers, but also any activations in the Bodygraph have a great influence on the “quality of life” of a person. Here’s another specific example. Two girlfriends, students, lead a familiar way of life for their environment: study, part-time work or independent studies, night parties. Moreover, one of the girls is vigorous and cheerful, as if she did not hang out at midnight, while the other feels broken and lethargic (she did not get enough sleep), moreover, she began to catch colds more often.

Why do both feel differently at almost the same workload and baseline health? It’s just that the second one has an activated Rhythm Channel (5-15), which strongly require its owner to comply with his internal routine, that is, at least to correctly alternate the hours of activity and rest. And without observing the internal Rhythm, the Sacral Center (whether it is defined or not), which is the main motor that gives strength to our immunity, will begin to work incorrectly. Although the Spleen Center is directly responsible for the functioning of the immune system in our body, it is the Sacral that generates life. The girl, under the pressure of circumstances (the persuasion of friends and girlfriends, personal wishes), or rather her False “I”, went against the needs of her own body (its rhythm), which affected her health not in the best way.

Immunity and Human Design

What does the immune system have to do with it, you ask? And despite the fact that she is the first and most important guardian of our health. And the permanent stress into which we plunge our body into an incorrect way of life is, first of all, a blow to her, our protector. The immune system performs three super important functions in the body: Recognizing threats (infections, poisons, foreign objects), Reaction – developing a defense strategy and directly fighting the “aggressor”, and Memorization – saving and sorting information about past battles, which can be quickly used with repeated attacks.

How long do you think our “Protector” will hold out for a long time if, under the pressure of our own False “I”, we poison ourselves with low-quality food, alcohol, systematically not get enough sleep, fatigue at work, splash negative on others? The imbalance of the body in this case is only a matter of time.

“Where it is thin, there it breaks,” says the popular wisdom. And according to Human Design (which is confirmed by numerous clinical observations), first of all, those organs and functions of our body that are included in the zone of responsibility of indefinite Centers and activations that have come under the influence of the False Self will suffer.

Therefore, we can honestly admit that our health or ill health, in most cases, depends only on ourselves. If you listen to the needs of your body, not your Mind, but your body, follow the prompts of your inner Authority and Strategy, then everyone will have a great chance to increase their immunity and, in general, live a long and healthy life. By studying your Rave Map and using this information, you gradually heal yourself, not only mentally, but also physically.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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