The mind of a person with Channel 47-64 Human Design is designed to inspire and help others. As you search for the meaning of life forever, learn to enjoy the moment.

The Channel of Abstraction connects the Parietal and Ajna Centers. Communication occurs through Gate 64 of Confusion and Gate 47 of Realization.

The owner of the Channel of Abstraction through deep reflection can come to clarity and meaning. By nature, a person with Channel of Abstraction is designed to inspire other people. Such people are inextricably linked with the past and often give birth to something new from a well-forgotten old. The search for meanings in the distant past often leads to the creation of some kind of masterpieces in art or science.

The Abstraction Channel is endowed with the Design of Mental Activity mixed with clarity. Mental Activity is manifested in the fact that Channel 64-47 is constantly in motion, in search of clarity, which in turn endows it with great potential for development. People with the Channel of Abstraction are constantly rummaging through their past, trying to find some meaning in the lived experience.

47-64 Abstraction Channel False Self

The carrier of Channel 47-64 has a rather peculiar way of thinking, which can be called abstract. This leads to misunderstandings in the process of communicating with others – they are simply not able to understand what the person with the manifested Channel of Abstraction 47-64 wants to convey to them. The reason lies in the fact that often a person voices only the beginning and end of the entire event series, which causes bewilderment and confusion among listeners.

Often the owners of the Channel of Abstraction tend to think out what the interlocutor did not mean at all – this is a sure sign of the False Self in which the person is. In the process of communication, a person with Channel 47-64 within himself may draw some emotional conclusions that do not correspond to reality. As a result of the dialogue, the story “I thought it up myself, I took offense myself” may turn out. It is worth remembering this and keeping track of such contrived, projected reactions in yourself.

Channel 47-64 Human Design, Channel Abstraction

The False Self of the Abstraction Channel can manifest itself in different ways. Sometimes a person begins to adapt to society, going against his Strategy and Inner Authority. Sometimes the False Self needs excessive attention from the outside, in connection with which a person begins to shock the audience. Each such manifestation is an extreme that should not be taken.

47-64 Abstraction Channel Potential Human Design

A person with a manifested Channel of Abstraction has a natural analytical mind. The peculiarity lies in the fact that, as a rule, the analytical mind is not able to work for the benefit of the person himself. Most often, a person directs his abilities to solve problems and questions of other people, and this is quite correct. Helping others through your gift is a manifestation of the True Self.

The inherent clarity of the Abstraction Channel according to its Design lies in making the right decisions based on inner Inner Authority. Therefore, a person with a manifested Abstraction Channel needs to be able to wait out the emotional wave in order to make the right decision.

The correct scenario for living life for the owner of the Channel of Abstraction is enjoying life and the absence of an exorbitant search for meanings in it. There are a lot of creative extraordinary personalities among people with such a Channel. Such people may have several abilities, talents and interests, diametrically opposite in nature, but the phrase “who is everywhere, is nowhere” has nothing to do with such people. In this case, it would be more correct to say “a talented person is talented in everything.” Therefore, a mathematics teacher with a manifested Channel of Abstraction can write excellent poetry, and at the same time not experience the impostor syndrome in either area.

A distinctive feature of people with the Channel of Abstraction is the endless search for the meaning of life. Those who do not fall into the False Self manage to be in constant search, but nevertheless enjoy life in the moment. The search for meaning is the potential for development and the desire for achievement, which in itself is very good. The main thing is not to fall for the tricks of the False Self, so as not to become a victim of your own desires.

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