An emotional wave is your engine, ride it. Owner of Channel 39-55 Human Design Emoting Channel 39-55 Human Design should be able to live in a state of mood swings. Downs are as important as ups.

The Emoting Channel connects the Root Center, which is responsible for physical pressure, with the Solar Plexus Center, which is responsible for a person’s passion, feelings and emotions. Communication takes place through Gate 39 of Provocation and Gate 55 of Spirit. Such a connection gives rise to an emotional wave that covers the owner of the Channel with a certain frequency. The wave brings sharp changes in moods and states, forcing a person to feel a surge of sudden joy, then plunging into a state of sadness and sadness. It makes sense that the Channel has a Design called “mood swings”.

Channel 39-55 Human Design Potential Description

Just take it for granted that the owners of the Emoting Channel are much more prone to mood swings than others. It is important to know this both for the person himself, who has this Channel in his Bodygraph, and for the people interacting with it.

It is surprising that with internal emotional rolling, outwardly a person can look absolutely calm. Often, the real causes of mood swings may be incomprehensible even to the person experiencing them. What can we say about those who are in his environment. The owners of this Channel tend to unconsciously provoke other people to emotions. They do this in order to find a person who is suitable for their spirit, an interlocutor. Such people have a special gift – they can influence people’s emotions, for example, making a person feel joy if he was sad. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that being in a bad mood, it is better to stay alone, otherwise you can provoke the interlocutor to show just negative emotions, which can lead to conflict.

Mood swings are your Design, just live it by following the suggested guidelines. There is no need to look for a cause-and-effect relationship and reasons that could provoke another surge. In constant attempts to find the reasons for this or that sensation, you can experience extreme stress. Emotions are something that in your case should not be controlled. Follow your Strategy and Inner Authority, then you will not have a desire to find an explanation for everything that happens to you, and the state of emotional waves will become quite familiar and even harmonious.

Representatives of the Emoting Channel are mostly creative individuals. This may not be their main manifestation, but they somehow tend to creatively express themselves. Many of the Channel owners can find professional realization in the field of art.

It is good when a person, who has Emoting Channel, sublimates his states into creative manifestations, and does not direct energy inside himself. Melancholy, sadness, sadness can be turned into music, poetry, painting or any other format that requires self-expression.

Channel 39-55 Human Design, Channel Emoting

It is especially difficult for the carriers of the Emoting Channel in personal relationships. The person is thrown from side to side, and he is not always able to determine the true feelings that he really feels towards his partner. It is important to accept yourself, your Design, and be in a relationship based on the feeling that prevails over the rest, and really unites you with your partner. You also need to question all the suddenly arising negativity, because it can simply be nailed to your shore by another wave, which will soon subside. The owner of the Emoting Channel should be taken quite seriously when choosing a close circle. It’s important that your friends accept your frequent mood swings, don’t be intimidated by it, and don’t turn away at the first emotional outburst.

Channel 39-55 False Self

Why is it so important to just accept your emotions and how often they change? Because if you do not do this, the False Self will be free. When the owner of the Emoting Channel begins to look for answers to their questions, the False Self joins the game and helps to find those who are to blame for certain emotions. Therefore, the Channel carrier can begin to blame others for their hysterics, tears and even joys, which are again replaced by sadness. On this basis, it is easy to destroy any relationship. An important and dangerous aspect of the manifestation of the False Self among the owners of the Emoting Channel is that many of them tend to compensate for the negative emotions they have experienced with something encouraging, pleasant and relaxing, for example, food or sex, in the worst case – alcohol or drugs. Whatever it is, such compensation can lead to addiction.

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